Saturday, December 29, 2007

We're Talking About Practice

Here's some exciting practice and media interview pictures taken in Dallas over the last few days to help pump you up.

(Copied photos courtesy of James D. Smith/CBAA and the Cotton Bowl's website)

(Coach Herring said Casey Dick has improved every practice this week and was only sacked three times by the tall green ladders during workout yesterday)

(Your face looks so familiar... it's like I've seen you somewhere before, my freind... I'm noticing your limp... something wrong with your knee?)

(I love me some Bo Mattingly! Get out of my face Aaron Peters! I am not talking or even looking at you after what you did. And you know what you did. You do not exist to me.)

(Peyton Hillis, you are one crazy cracka pretending to take my picture and all, but you have to pay for my autograph just like everyone else now)

(5 foot 2 inch Chase Daniel is hoping Arkansas coaches will agree to let him wear the green practice jersey in the game on Tuesday)

As a bonus, here is some footage of Missouri Coach Gary Pinkel in the downtown Dallas streets yesterday (he's obviously put on some holiday luggage)...


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