Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Numnuts Coaching Search Over! Petrino New Head Hog

(I like pointing my finger at stuff! I'm going to point it in Saban's grill next year and Spurrier's and Tuberville's! Arkansas is back, baby!)

Bobby Petrino is the new coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks after abruptly resigning today from the NFL's Atlanta Falcons and jumping ship to Fayetteville, Arkansas. The move, expected to net Petrino around three million per year, is a step up for the 46 year old. Petrino went 41-9 as head coach at Louisville before heading to the Atlanta Falcons where he finishes at 3-10. (You go 41-9 at Arkansas over the next four years and you may make it to the end of your contract, Bobby boy)

Just think, Petrino will have an immediate QB upgrade going from Monday night's starter, Chris Redman and Joey Harrington to Casey Dick. If Felix Jones returns next season, he may have the best back he's ever coached. Also, if some crazy Our-Kansans decide to fly a banner overhead next season, Petrino will be used to it after having one that said "New Team Name? Dog Killers?" fly overhead during training camp this season. Petrino must be thrilled, but on the down side, the SEC Conference is tougher than the NFC South, so he's going to have to get used to the talent upgrade.

Welcome to Arkansas and SEC Country, BP.

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