Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bammer Time Round 2

Arkansas at Alabama 14-13 (3-9)
Tipoff: 7:05
TV: Raycom Sports

I'm not going to say this is a must-win game, but it's pretty dang close. At 18-8 (7-5 in conference), I still think the Hogs can get into the tourney by winning three of their last four to get to 21-9 and 10-6 in conference and then a first round SEC tourney win. So, basically, at the very least, they need to beat three of the remaining four starting with today at Alabama (Vandy, Auburn and at Ole Miss are the last three). The Tide have lost five of their last six.

The Hogs' RPI is currently 36th with strength of schedule coming in at 50th. Alabama's RPI is at 130 with SOS at 68. The Hogs really should win this game. Out of the last four remaining this would be the worst loss they could have next to losing at home against Auburn.

Hopefully after the public blasting of our front line by Coach Pel after Kentucky dominated us on the boards on Saturday the big men will show up to play and contain the best individual big man in the conference, Richard Hendrix (18.5ppg and 10.1 rpg), who is #3 in the SEC in scoring, #1 in rebounding, #3 in FG %, and #3 in blocked shots. Hendrix' totals and rankings are very similar to my stats when I used to play on my nerfhoop in my room against imaginary opponents, except for I'm pretty sure that I never shot over 60%.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kissing Pigs and College Baseball

The annual Kiss A Pig gala was Saturday night in Rogers at the Embassy Suites. If you're not familiar with the event, The Kiss A Pig raises money for diabetes and diabetes research every year and is quite arguably the social event of the year for those into that sort of thing.
Anyway, couple of cool notes: Coach Petrino's wife bought him a Harley Davidson for around $27,000 during the live auction portion of the show. Also, another person bid a little bit over $4,000 for a private jet trip for two to a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game with Coach Petrino. I wish I could drop 25k whenever I felt like it.

Speaking of baseball, you did realize that it is baseball season didn't you? The beautiful weather we've been having in NW Arkansas should have been your first clue. Don't tell me that you weren't thinking about baseball with the gray skies, rain, and 30-something degree weather we've been having recently. How about a few more double headers in April and May and a few less games in February, or starting the season a week or two later and ending with the College World Series in early July? Maybe it's just me, but I prefer to sit in above freezing conditions to watch baseball.

(Third baseman Logan Forsythe hit .500 this past weekend in the sweep over Wright State as the Razorbacks start off the season 3-0)

Freshman first baseman/DH Andy Wilkins was named the SEC Freshman of the week. I didn't really have time to put together my comprehensive preview of how the Razorback baseball team is going to go 56-0 or to show you just how I think Logan Forsythe will hit .857 this season. I just have one of those feeling you know? They are already 3-0. That's like over 5% of the way to being undefeated. SEMO will be win number four this afternoon.

Monday, February 25, 2008

It's Official: Mcfadden Is Faster Than You

(D-Mac showing off his agility at the combine in Indy all the while avoiding those dangerous orange cones... stay away from the cones! he hates these cones!)

"Humanity Advanced" blew out a 4.33 - 40 yard dash at the NFL combine in Indy on Sunday... against the wind. With no shoes on. Running backwards. While blindfolded. With a cigarette in one hand, and a bottle of Old English in the other...

"Insane!" yelled one scout.

"No, wait. It's actually insanity advanced!" yelled another scout

"I'm not sure God Almighty could out run that young man," yet another scout concluded.

Everyone seemed impressed, except for the Miami Dolphins' scouts. The Dolphins hold the number one overall pick but are more interested in blowing millions of dollars on someone not named Darren McFadden.

"Running backs have a shorter shelf-life," the Dolphins' head scout explained, "They're always getting hurt and are basically no good after about age 30, you see. We would rather make our investment in a mediocre offensive lineman or defensive tackle or an over-rated quarterback who can play until they are 35. Why gamble on the next coming of Jim Brown when we can get a more sure player who will help us be a .500 team every year. Besides, I think Ricky Williams still has a few good years left in his pot-smoking tank."

Felix Jones was one of a few other backs who clocked in at a turtle speed of only 4.4. Don't be surprised if Felix had a torn ACL or something along those lines, and actually had to drag that leg when he ran.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

No Clever Headline

The frustration with Kentucky continues. Another year, another loss to the Big Blue and I can't blame Kentucky native John Pelphrey for anything. It was right there!

The Hogs battled back from a five point halftime deficit to lead 53-50 with three and a half minutes remaining. Sonny Weems came up huge in the second half, but unfortunately no else did. On the other side of things, Ketucky's Crawford and Bradley scored the last 48 points (well, maybe it was only 15 but it felt like 48), and Bradley's fall away jumper from about 8 feet over Gary Ervin was the shot of the game.

This group of Razorback seniors will never feel what its like to beat Big Blue unless we happen to meet in the SEC tourney. Even more importantly, Arkansas did nothing to help solidify a NCAA spot as they fall to 18-8 and 7-5 in conference. With four regular season games remaining (two at home), the Hogs have a chance to win all four, but could just as easily lose three or four if they don't bring their A game. On the flip side, Kentucky is making a hell of a run back into bubble contention as they are now easily the second best team in the east (which makes the Vandy blowout all the much more of a head-scratcher), and arguably the Mildcats are the second best team in the SEC right now as much as it pains me to say that.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Maybe Rob Evans Should Coach This One

Arkansas 18-7 (7-4) at Kentucky 14-10 (8-3)
Tipoff: 1:05 CST

“There will be a lot of emotion for me when we get back in the building. I’m sure a lot of memories will come flooding back. I went in and out of the back of that building a lot as a player. Once the game starts, I will focus on the task at hand." - Coach Pelphrey

Rrrriiiight (must be said with a snarky, skeptical, sarcastic tone).

Tomorrow afternoon in Lexington, Kentucky, a native son returns to the place where he became one of the "Unforgettables." John Pelphrey, jersey number hanging from the hallowed rafters of Rupp Arena, will make his coaching debut against his alma mater Kentucky Wildcats.

I'm a little worried that Coach Pelphrey is not going to be as focused as he needs to be and really screw things up. I mean, for one, check out his projected starting lineup for tomorrow:

G - Nate Rakestraw (0.0 ppg)
G - Stephen Cox (0.0 ppg)
F - Levan Patsatsia (0.4 ppg)
F - Marcus Britt (0.8 ppg)
C - Michael Sanchez (redshirt)

"I think this is the time to lift Michael's redshirt and get him some action. He's been practicing well and preparing for this one game all year long. I'm excited to see what he can do against Patrick Patterson inside. I am also a big believer in getting guys some rest this time of year before the SEC tournament and the NCAA tourney, so I think I will probably sit Sonny (Weems) and Patrick (Beverley) out of tomorrow's game to get them some rest. I haven't decided for sure yet, but that's the way I'm leaning right now," said Pelphrey during his weekly press conference.

(Pel has about 50 bottles of this in his liquor cabinet. Word is this is all he drinks when he does drink, and that he is so nervous about the Kentucky game that he'll have a few shots of this before the game to loosen up a bit.)

(A few shots of this and anything that was unforgettable will be forgotten quite easily)

Inside the Pelphreys' house:

An exclusive Hog Tale photo of the Pelphreys' daughter's room. She goes to sleep every night dreaming sweet dreams of Kentucky blue...

"Daddy says this is only a temporary stop on our way back to Kentucky," she whispered to a local Hog Tale reporter, "Daddy says keep cheering for Big Blue and never forget where you came from. Daddy also says that Rupp Arena is just like Heaven... only better! I hate Arkansas! Stupid pigs are gross!"

The Mildcats have come a long way since their Gardner-Webb days early in the season. They've won seven of their last eight (the only loss was the crushing they received at the hands of Vanderbilt) and are led by Joe Crawford, Ramel Bradley and freshman Patrick Patterson (all averaging around 16 ppg).

"I can't control the outcome of this game," Pelphrey said, "The players will determine that. All I can do is wear my lucky socks like I normally do and pray for a victory against the greatest University, tradition, and people I've ever known."

All I know for sure is that I will watching closely and I'll be ready to call out Coach Pelphrey for any shady substitutions, play-calling, or lack of effort on his part.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Herschel And His "Multiple Personalities" Were In The House

Before we start analyzing John Pelphrey's return to the Blue Grass state to face his old team, I thought I'd run this post like Herschel Walker used to run over linebackers back in his day at Georgia. I was a little too young to really remember Walker's dominance at Georgia, but just watching some of his college football footage is pretty amazing.

Walker was in town to speak at a luncheon at a local church close to where I work, so I had to make time to hear what the SEC's all-time leading rusher is doing these days.

First off, I made sure my dress was appropriate...

Then, I figured that this would be kind of like an ESPN Gameday crowd, so I made up a few signs...

So then I drove to the church he was speaking at...

As he was introduced there was a large ovation, but personally, I was booing him and trying to get a "Georgia sucks" chant going which never really took hold. A few people looked at me strangly and I just told those idiots I would never cheer for a Georgia Bulldog.

Anyway, I know there's been a whole lot of this - "Herschel is crazy and has multiple personalities" - thing going on at various blogs and websites over the past few months, but he did set the record straight saying that all he meant was that you had to have a different "personality" on the football field versus being a father versus running a business, etc., etc. But after that, he snapped into the voice of a 10 year old girl and started yelling about how icky boys are. So, I think his explanation is weak at best.

Some fast facts I learned about Herschel:
he is a certified FBI agent,
says NFL knowledge advantage goes to Chris Mortensen over Chris Berman,
says he could still play in the NFL today if he wanted and claims to have a standing offer from Jacksonville I think,
still keeps in contact with Donald Trump (dates back to his old USFL days),
prefers Tom Landry over Vince Dooley,
is co-producing a reality fight show with Mark Burnett (of "Survivor" and "The Apprentice" fame),
runs a food company,
thinks Roger Clemens is lying,
was valedictorian of his high school and scored a 1380 on the SATs,
just finished his first book (this is where the multiple personalities rumors got started), and will appear on "60 Minutes" and "Oprah" in the future to promote it,
once held the world record for the 60 yard dash for a very short time (he says "minutes") until some chump named Carl Lewis broke it later in the same day,
still does a ton of pushups and situps he was so famous for doing as part of his workout routine (said he did 750 pushups this morning and 2,000 situps),
and as you would expect (given this luncheon took place at one of the biggest churches in the area) gives major props to the Big J.C. upstairs for all of his success.

Walker did take a nice little jab at Bobby Petrino (without directly saying his name) when he started talking about how college football needs more coaches like Tom Landry and less coaches that are in it for the money who jump ship every couple of years. The statement did cause some murmuring from the crowd but Walker was good-natured about it.

Walker did cast his Hesiman vote for D-Mac which helps to ease a little bit of my animosity towards him for being a Georgia Dawg AND a Dallas Cowboy. All in all, it was a good luncheon and Herschel was very gracious to hang around and sign autographs and pose for pictures (so I hear anyway, as I really didn't make it to the end because I was escorted out after I attempted to run up on stage and tackle him).

En Fuego!

To borrow loosely from Dan Patrick, the Razorbacks were en fuego (on fire for you non-spanish speaking readers) last night in Bud Walton Arena (particularly in the first half). The Hogs ended up shooting 52% from the floor (48% from three point range) while knocking down 11 three pointers (nine of 13 from behind the three-point arc in the first half) en route to a 87-61 thumping of LSU. The Hogs led 51-28 at the half and had it on cruise control the second half. Ervin, Weems, Townes, and Welsh were all in double figures. Patrick Beverley led the Hogs in rebounding with nine.

(When Welsh is balling and knocking down 3 of 5 three-pointers, then you know the Hogs are in for a good night)

Gary Ervin made his return to the starting lineup for the first time since the third game of the season and led the Hogs in scoring with 17. Arkansas is now 18-7 and 7-4 in the SEC West, one game behind Mississippi State who lost last night at Ole Miss.

Coach Pelphrey gets set for a return visit to his alma mater as the Razorbacks are in Lexington, Kentucky, for a Saturday afternoon game with the Mildcats.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Truth or Dare... or Just Plain Stupidity

Arkansas 17-7 (6-4) vs. LSU 9-15 (2-8)
Tipoff: Wednesday night 7:05 pm
TV: Raycom Sports

Alright, LSU is coming to town minus the annoying arrogant Coach John Brady, and man how I wanted another chance to boo him and watch his exasperation as the Hogs pounded his sorry ass team for the second time this season. But, the LSU administration has deprived me of this little joy that I used to get.

Anyway, the last time the Razorbacks lost two conference games in a row, they bounced back with four straight wins, so I expect the first win in a new winning streak to come Wednesday night inside Bud Walton Arena. In fact, I am so sure of an Arkansas win that if the Razorbacks somehow, inexplicably lose, my next post will be dedicated to the "genius under the white hat." That's right, if the Hogs don't beat LSU Wednesday night, I will go on my own blog and profess that Les Miles is the most brilliant mind in college football.

So I implore this Razorback basketball team to sack up Wednesday night, and for the love of Nolan Richardson, please pick me up a win.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Happy President's Day

It's been a long weekend and I haven't had time to post much, but I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy P-Day.
Here's hoping the friggin' Hogs get back on track with LSU coming to town on Wednesday. Been a rough couple of games.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Odds and Ends and Mississippi State

The Razorback Red-White spring game has been set for April 26th.

Razorback Expats has a good two-part interview with former fan favorite, Eugene "The Dunking Machine" Nash

The Battle For West Supremacy:

Arkansas 17-6 (6-3) at Mississippi State 16-7 (7-2)
Tipoff: Saturday at 3 pm

Weems went for 22 point and six rebounds while Patrick Beverley added 19 and 10 in the Razorbacks 78-58 pounding of the Bulldogs a couple of weeks ago in Fayetteville. A win in Starkville would definitely establish the Hogs as the best team in the West.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

About Last Night

The first four minutes of the second half...

Well, where do I begin this morning? What good excuses can I come up with? Ahh, screw it. We got killed the second half and now we have to go to Mississippi State and try to bounce back. Tennessee has been the proverbial thorn in our side this football and basketball season. Jujuan Smith was out of his mind last night and we just disappeared the second half after trailing by only five at halftime.

And I was feeling pretty good at halftime since Patrick Beverley had been on the bench for about 13 minutes the first half due to foul trouble and had yet to score. But I didn't count on Jujuan making like Allen Iverson and I didn't think the Vols (one of the worst free throw shooting teams in the league) were going to shoot so well from the free throw line either (73%).

And Bruce Pearl didn't even wear his bright orange suit jacket. All in all it was a majorly disappointing game.

(You are getting sleepy... the second half of the Tennessee game never happened... you can now go back to your happy place...)

Well, everyone enjoy the rest of your Valentine's Day...
I'm moving forward now... singing dollar dollar bill yall

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Take Me To Another Land

You remember the band Arrested Development? Maybe. Maybe not. Well, one of their big hits in the early 90's was a song called "Tennessee." In case you forgot, here are the lyrics to the chorus:

Take me to another place
Take me to another land
Make me forget all that hurts me
Help me understand your plan

Now, if I was living in Tennessee, that would be my feelings exactly.

Anyway, pertinent musical info aside, I'm here today to look at how the Arkansas Razorbacks are going to take down the Basketvols in Knoxville Wednesday night.

(Bruce Pearl: Just crazy or crazy like a horribly embarassing orange fox?)

The Preview:

Arkansas 17-5 (6-2) at #4 Tennessee 21-2 (8-1)
Tipoff: 7:05pm
TV: Raycom Sports

Tennessee is considered the best team in the SEC and with good reason. They are arguably the most athletic and best shooting team in the conference. It seems like Chris Lofton has started to really find his stroke going for 20+ points in five of their last six games.

(Chris Lofton is such a prima donna that he requires his "lesser" teammates to carry him to the bench when timeouts are called)

There are a lot of questions heading into the game that will determine the outcome: Will Arkansas be able to control the pace and pound away at Tennessee inside? Will the Hogs be able to win the battle on the boards? Can the Razorbacks limit their turnovers against a Tennessee team that is forcing opponents into 20 turnovers a game and has a +7 turnover margin against opponents? Will Gary Ervin punch Chris Lofton in the groin early on to set the tone?

I say yes, yes, yes, and let's hope so. Arkansas wins at Tennessee for the second time in three years either 99-38 or somewhere around 78-75.

(One things for certain, there's a 100% probability that there's a 50-50 chance that we'll get to see the worst looking sports jacket in college basketball on display Wednesday night)

And finally, Patrick Beverley is getting a little love this Valentine's eve towards the end of Pat Forde's column at

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two Sexy Men

1. Reggie Herring

Former Arkansas defensive coordinator Reggie has landed with the Dallas Cowboys after a month on the job as defensive coordinator at Texas A&M and an 0-1 head coaching record at Arkansas.

2. Will Farrell

Check out the rest of Will and Heidi's photo shoot at and his new video "Love Me Sexy"

Sunday, February 10, 2008

U-G-L-Y, That Game Ain't Got No Alibi

It was ugly, hey, hey, it was ugly.

In the Razorbacks poorest performance since the Georgia loss, Arkansas shot just 39% from the field, 24% from the three point line, and just 59% from the free throw line in their 75-69 win over Ole Miss. Arkansas threatened to blow away the Rebels after jumping to a 16-2 lead to start the game, but Ole Miss freshman Chris Warren went 6-8 from the three point line and ended up with 26 to lead the Rebel comeback.

For Arkansas, Sonny didn't shoot the ball very well but still went for 22 and 10 while Beverley hauled down 13 more rebounds to go with his 17 points as the Hogs move to 17-5 (6-2). Does anybody have a good nickname for our 6'1 rebounding machine? Too bad Thomas has the "Manimal" nickname, because it's Beverley who has been a beast on the boards for the Razorbacks this season.

Arkansas now takes its four game winning streak on the road against the best team in the SEC - Tennessee, for a Wednesday night showdown. The Tennessee game starts a crucial five game run that includes four road games (Tennessee, Miss St., Kentucky, and Alabama) that will really test these Razorbacks as we head into March.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Mississippi Queens

We get our theme song for this week's opponent circa 1970 from the little known band named Mountain. "Mississippi Queen" has been covered by ZZ Top, Grand Funk Railroad, and even Ozzy. The song also appears on Guitar Hero III, but regardless of where or when I hear it, I'll always associate it with Ole Miss sports! Now that I've expanded your musical knowledge, let's get to the game.

Arkansas 16-5 (5-2) vs. Ole Miss 16-4 (3-4)
Tipoff: Saturday 4:05 CST
TV: Fox Sports SW

After a week off, the Razorbacks return to action tomorrow afternoon hosting the league's most overrated team - the Ole Miss Rebel Queens. The Rebels come in with a 16-4 record and are 22nd in the RPI rankings. They've lost three of their last four including a home loss to South Carolina. I mean who loses to South Carolina at home?

The Rebel Queens are led by guard Chris Warren who averages about 16 points a game and also by Dwayne Curtis who averages 15 points and nearly nine rebounds a game inside.

Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy, in his second season, brings his defending SEC West champions to Bud Walton to face former Ole Miss coach Rob Evans who was there from 1992-1998 and won 20 games his last three seasons. How is Ole Miss supposed to win when the best Ole Miss coach is on the Arkansas bench? I don't see it happening. But what I do see is a rejuvinated and rested Razorbacks' squad putting a serious hurt on the Queens from Mississippi as the Hogs continue their quest for SEC supremacy. Razorbacks roll 114-35.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Razorbacks Land "First Annual Best Recruiting Class of All Time"

"These are the 25 individuals that will help Arkansas dominate the SEC for the next four years. In the words of John "Bluto" Blutarsky - The SEC can kiss my ass from now on. The Razorbacks are not gonna take this losing anymore. Miles, he's a dead man! Saban, dead! Tuberville, dead!"
- Coach Bobby Petrino

I’m really tired of the whole star rankings thing. I mean, this may work well if you’re a general, but I'm blaming the recruiting services for all this four star/five star elephant dung. We just don’t need it. The recruiting gurus here at the Hog Tale have tirelessly surfed other recruiting forums for alternative ratings. Without further ado, here is Bobby Petrino’s "First Annual Best Recruiting Class of All Time" commitments (if you've been brainwashed by the's of the world and still prefer the old stars rankings, I've included those rankings as well):

Joe Adams, DB, Little Rock (4 stars) - a last minute commitment has a "12 dollar bling" rating by Street Hustler Recruiting

Lavunce Askew DT, Camden, AR (3 stars) - as one of four Camden Fairview signees, Askew will be called upon to come in and bring some meat to the Defensive line like Bill brought to the White House - a six Billary rating from the Clinton Campaign Recruiting Services

Khiry Battle DB, Dacula, GA (3 stars) - a secondary gem who was rated as a 5 Disturbingly Funny Baby Faces recruit by Toddlers Magazine

Greg Childs WR, Warren, AR (3 stars) - Childs likes the deep ball and likes his privacy and that's why the recruiting experts at Leave Britney have given him a four Britney shaved heads rating

Brian Christopher DE, Camden, AR (2 stars) - the McCain Camp Recruiting News thinks Christopher can turn into a solid Razorback and have the DE as a 5 1/2 Johnny Stud

De’Anthony Curtis RB, Camden, AR (4 stars) - arguably the best running back in the class, Anthony received an impressive 11 Platinum Grillz ranking by The Urban Dental Society Recruiting gurus.

Alfred Davis DT, College Park, GA (2 stars) - this Georgia signee could have signed with Hawaii and been a stud, but opted for the Razorbacks where he'll help shore up the defensive line - a Four Hang Loose man according to various Tropical Recruiting publications

Austin Eoff OL, Fort Smith, AR (2 stars) - in a continuous effort to promote his new movie, Will Farrell gives Eoff a rating of 9 Sexy Jackie Moons

Albert Gary RB, Citra, FL (2 stars) - as the only Floridan to sign with the Hogs, Gary is considered a Can't Miss recruit by recruiting expert/rapper, Flo Rida

Elton Ford LB, Lithonia, GA (2 stars) - this linebacker will be blowing up the holes on that Razorback defense for the next four years - a five tuber as rated by KY.

Chris Gragg WR, Warren, AR (2 stars) - Gragg will be looked at to help solidify the receiving core and is considered an 8 Barack O'Urkel player by the Obama Recruiting News

Matt Hall OL, Russellville, AR (4 stars) - this dude is 6'10, 320 lbs. - a 17 bagger as rated by Big & Tall Recruiting Services

Dennis Johnson RB, Texarkana, AR (3 stars) - this back from Texarkana hits the holes in a flash and is a 6 Rim Recruit according to The Rims Recruiting Report

Basmine Jones ATH, Warren, AR (2 stars) - the Sweet Mustache Society Recruting gurus give this athlete from Warren 4 Geraldo Mustaches

Jerico Nelson ATH, Destrehan, LA (4 stars) - Jerico can do it all, and as a stud athlete is used to putting moves on defenders (and also on the ladies) that leaves their jocks on the field - an 11 jock man according to Where's Your Jock Recruiting

Anthony Oden OL, Indianapolis, IN (2 stars) - this big O lineman likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain... he's a 7 Pina Colada stud according to the Jimmy Buffett Recruiting Guide

Chris Raggett DB, Beaumont, TX (2 stars) - though Raggett is not highly ranked by Rivals, we did see that he is a solid 4 1/2 Hello Kitty keyrings player in the Preteen Recruting Dream Magazine

Jelani Smith LB, Abbeville, LA (3 stars) - Cardplayer Magazine says that Jelani is a legit 4 aces recruit and that is full of crap with only three stars

Zach Stadther DT, North Little Rock, AR (3 stars) - in an effort to remain hip and relevent in today's society, Barry Mannilow has started his own recruiting service and gives Stadther 8 bobbleheads

Tramain Thomas ATH, Winnie, TX (3 stars) - this athlete from Texas garnered a solid 4-Tat Hug-Life rating in Tats Fo Ats Recruiting Forum

Cruz Williams WR, Little Rock, AR (3 stars) - this guy's motor will get up and go and that's made him a 12 quart stud as rated by Pennzoil's Recruting Service

Tyler Wilson QB, Greenwood, AR (4 stars) - one of the premier QBs in the nation, this kid is ranked as a 14 McLovins' Prospect in the SuperBad Prospectus

Jarius Wright WR, Warren, AR (4 stars) - his 4.4 speed should play out well next season for the Hogs - ranked as a Truckload of Green Pumas standout receiver by Puma Shoes Recruiting.

Tenarius Wright LB, Memphis, TN (3 stars) - this studly linebacker from Memphis is listed as an 8 Keg & 4 Shots of Tequila prospect at the Drinking Heavily Recruting website

Jim Youngblood QB, Camden, AR (3 stars) - not as widely a heralded QB as Wilson, but still a solid 6 1/2 Dead Knomes as reported by The Knomes Recruiting Services

There you have it! Throw in Michigan QB transfer Ryan Mallett, who may be eligible next season, and you have yourself the best recruiting class of all time! Don't pay any attention to and their 8th or 9th place ranking of Arkansas among SEC teams. Their rating system is all bogus. Can't wait to get these studs on the field.