Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bammer Time Round 2

Arkansas at Alabama 14-13 (3-9)
Tipoff: 7:05
TV: Raycom Sports

I'm not going to say this is a must-win game, but it's pretty dang close. At 18-8 (7-5 in conference), I still think the Hogs can get into the tourney by winning three of their last four to get to 21-9 and 10-6 in conference and then a first round SEC tourney win. So, basically, at the very least, they need to beat three of the remaining four starting with today at Alabama (Vandy, Auburn and at Ole Miss are the last three). The Tide have lost five of their last six.

The Hogs' RPI is currently 36th with strength of schedule coming in at 50th. Alabama's RPI is at 130 with SOS at 68. The Hogs really should win this game. Out of the last four remaining this would be the worst loss they could have next to losing at home against Auburn.

Hopefully after the public blasting of our front line by Coach Pel after Kentucky dominated us on the boards on Saturday the big men will show up to play and contain the best individual big man in the conference, Richard Hendrix (18.5ppg and 10.1 rpg), who is #3 in the SEC in scoring, #1 in rebounding, #3 in FG %, and #3 in blocked shots. Hendrix' totals and rankings are very similar to my stats when I used to play on my nerfhoop in my room against imaginary opponents, except for I'm pretty sure that I never shot over 60%.

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gerry dorsey said...

look...the hawgs know the tide isn't going to break 60, and they only put up 56??