Thursday, February 14, 2008

About Last Night

The first four minutes of the second half...

Well, where do I begin this morning? What good excuses can I come up with? Ahh, screw it. We got killed the second half and now we have to go to Mississippi State and try to bounce back. Tennessee has been the proverbial thorn in our side this football and basketball season. Jujuan Smith was out of his mind last night and we just disappeared the second half after trailing by only five at halftime.

And I was feeling pretty good at halftime since Patrick Beverley had been on the bench for about 13 minutes the first half due to foul trouble and had yet to score. But I didn't count on Jujuan making like Allen Iverson and I didn't think the Vols (one of the worst free throw shooting teams in the league) were going to shoot so well from the free throw line either (73%).

And Bruce Pearl didn't even wear his bright orange suit jacket. All in all it was a majorly disappointing game.

(You are getting sleepy... the second half of the Tennessee game never happened... you can now go back to your happy place...)

Well, everyone enjoy the rest of your Valentine's Day...
I'm moving forward now... singing dollar dollar bill yall

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