Friday, February 1, 2008

Chomp Chomp Chomp

Arkansas 15-5 (4-2) vs. #20 Florida 18-3 (5-1)
Tipoff: 2:05 pm Saturday
TV: Raycom Sports

OK, I have to admit that I didn’t realize Florida was 18-3 and ranked 20th. I haven’t paid too much attention to the current champions. Instead, I've been basking in the agony of Kentucky basketball, watching the over-rated Vanderbilt team on occasion, and checking in on the psycho orange suit jacket and the Basketvols to get a gauge on their chances come March. But Florida? I thought they had five or six losses. The back to back national champions' three losses are at Ole Miss, at Ohio State and against Florida State.

Everyone remembers last year’s destruction of the Razorbacks by Florida in the SEC Championship game (both football and basketball), and now the time has come for a little revenge against the Gaytors.

Apparently, Pelphrey and Donovan are good friends or something like that. Supposedly, Pelphrey's daughter's middle name is Donovan. Yikes. Poor girl. I'm going to pretend that I didn't hear any of this nonsense on the news last night and that the two coaches are bitter enemies who may end up brawling during the game and just want nothing more than to jack the other one up.

(Just look at this picture of Donovan and Urban Meyer being all buddy-buddy on the basketball court. Makes me want to puke.)

The Gaytors are led by freshman Nick Calathes’ 16 points and five rebounds per game and by sophomore Marreese Speights’ 14 points and 8 rebounds per game. I don’t see any problem controlling these punks.

Steven Hill was the SEC's original basketball Jesus before he went and got himself all cleaned up, but it doesn't matter because the 11th commandment says thou shalt not come into my house and take the Hogs name in vain... something like that. The faithful will be yelling out Hoggelujah! as the Razorbacks hand the Gaytors loss number four on the year. We all know that Gators wear jean shorts, and in a close one, Razorbacks win it 98-42.

Finally, I realize there is a little football game coming up on Sunday. The only thing I know is that there will be too many commercials (some of which may make you laugh), we will see way too many shots of the Manning family throughout the game (I'm putting the over/under at 37), and that the halftime show will suck. Other than that I am in complete agreement with everything Carl says below except for the Patriots will win.

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