Thursday, February 21, 2008

Herschel And His "Multiple Personalities" Were In The House

Before we start analyzing John Pelphrey's return to the Blue Grass state to face his old team, I thought I'd run this post like Herschel Walker used to run over linebackers back in his day at Georgia. I was a little too young to really remember Walker's dominance at Georgia, but just watching some of his college football footage is pretty amazing.

Walker was in town to speak at a luncheon at a local church close to where I work, so I had to make time to hear what the SEC's all-time leading rusher is doing these days.

First off, I made sure my dress was appropriate...

Then, I figured that this would be kind of like an ESPN Gameday crowd, so I made up a few signs...

So then I drove to the church he was speaking at...

As he was introduced there was a large ovation, but personally, I was booing him and trying to get a "Georgia sucks" chant going which never really took hold. A few people looked at me strangly and I just told those idiots I would never cheer for a Georgia Bulldog.

Anyway, I know there's been a whole lot of this - "Herschel is crazy and has multiple personalities" - thing going on at various blogs and websites over the past few months, but he did set the record straight saying that all he meant was that you had to have a different "personality" on the football field versus being a father versus running a business, etc., etc. But after that, he snapped into the voice of a 10 year old girl and started yelling about how icky boys are. So, I think his explanation is weak at best.

Some fast facts I learned about Herschel:
he is a certified FBI agent,
says NFL knowledge advantage goes to Chris Mortensen over Chris Berman,
says he could still play in the NFL today if he wanted and claims to have a standing offer from Jacksonville I think,
still keeps in contact with Donald Trump (dates back to his old USFL days),
prefers Tom Landry over Vince Dooley,
is co-producing a reality fight show with Mark Burnett (of "Survivor" and "The Apprentice" fame),
runs a food company,
thinks Roger Clemens is lying,
was valedictorian of his high school and scored a 1380 on the SATs,
just finished his first book (this is where the multiple personalities rumors got started), and will appear on "60 Minutes" and "Oprah" in the future to promote it,
once held the world record for the 60 yard dash for a very short time (he says "minutes") until some chump named Carl Lewis broke it later in the same day,
still does a ton of pushups and situps he was so famous for doing as part of his workout routine (said he did 750 pushups this morning and 2,000 situps),
and as you would expect (given this luncheon took place at one of the biggest churches in the area) gives major props to the Big J.C. upstairs for all of his success.

Walker did take a nice little jab at Bobby Petrino (without directly saying his name) when he started talking about how college football needs more coaches like Tom Landry and less coaches that are in it for the money who jump ship every couple of years. The statement did cause some murmuring from the crowd but Walker was good-natured about it.

Walker did cast his Hesiman vote for D-Mac which helps to ease a little bit of my animosity towards him for being a Georgia Dawg AND a Dallas Cowboy. All in all, it was a good luncheon and Herschel was very gracious to hang around and sign autographs and pose for pictures (so I hear anyway, as I really didn't make it to the end because I was escorted out after I attempted to run up on stage and tackle him).

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