Friday, December 21, 2007


(You say DMac and Felix are both ineligible for the Cotton Bowl!?)

(No. I said a bunch of stupid FSU players are!)

As expected from our "Ivy League of the South" student-athletes, every Razorback player is academically eligible to play in the team's January 1st Cotton Bowl matchup against Missouri. It was A+'s all around for every Razorback player in every class!

Could you imagine if some professor flunked DMac or Felix making them ineligible to play on New Year's Day? Oh, the horror!

(Any professor with the nerve to do that could face the likes of these guys leaving the classroom one day. Warriors... come out to plaaaay... I hope I get one of those vests from Santa)

The team has officially wrapped up Fayetteville practices and will meet up next week in Dallas to prepare for their Cotton Bowl matchup with Missouri. Cotton Bowl coach Reggie Herring says the Hogs are ready to destroy the weak-armed virgin, Chase Daniel, and the rest of the Missouri Tigers.

The Hog Tale will of course have a complete and totally accurate Cotton Bowl preview after Christmas.

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