Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Our New Head Coach: "The Disingenuous Drifter?"

Damn. We can't even celebrate having a new coach for 24 hours before someone dumps on him: See Pat Forde at
Len Pasquarelli saw it coming as well. And, oh, baby. This guy in Louisville is putting out a warning too.

Apparently, if history tells us anything, this could be a turbulent one to three-year coaching ride with Petrino. He's been the new Hog coach less than 24 hours and I'm already worried about him jumping ship back to Creighton... errr... somewhere else.

Year Place Role
1983 Carroll Grad. asst.
1984 Weber St. Grad. asst.
1985-86 Carroll Off. coord./QB/WR
1987-88 Weber St. WR/TE coach
1989 Idaho QB coach
1990-91 Idaho Off. coord./QB
1992-93 Arizona St. QB coach
1994 Nevada Off. coord./QB
1995-97 Utah St. Off. coord./QB
1998 Louisville Off. coord./QB
1999-2000 Jacksonville (NFL) QB coach
2001 Jacksonville (NFL) Off. coord.
2002 Auburn Off. coord./QB
2003-2006 Louisville Head coach
2007 Atlanta (NFL) Head coach
2007 Arkansas Head coach


gerry dorsey said...

and although he spent a whole 4 years in louisville, he was on the phone seemingly the whole time talking to the auburns and lsu's of the world.

that being said i think its a great hire. the media was dogging on arkansas' coaching search, and now that they hired someone they're still dogging. eff 'em.

gerry dorsey said...

ps-is mitch mustain mad he left now??

Double K said...

he might be next year when he's on the bench watching Sanchez play at USC while a Dick at Arkansas is throwing it 30 times a game...

Gwen said...

Do your parents know where you are and what you do? Is that 'banking thing' just a cover...?

aunt gwen and uncle tom [from the cabin]...