Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bow Chicka Bow Den

Tommy Bowden agreed to a contract extension at Clemson where he will remain among disgruntled fans who will be happy that he can beat South Carolina but pissed that he can't win an ACC Championship.

The Hog Tale reporters in South Carolina tracked down Coach Bowden sporting a new hair do for a quick comment about the contract extension and the thought of taking the Arkansas job.

Here is some fun viewing if you want to see how all of the coaches voted in the most recent coaches' poll. I think Hal Mumme should be sent off to the retirement home and have his driver's license revoked forever. And check out the Bowden boys both putting Missouri ahead of OU even though OU beat them twice this season. Of course Bob Stoops ranked LSU at #6 which I think is a little low. What's also interesting is that Arkansas ended up #24. Les Miles voted the Hogs higher (#15) than Houston Nutt did (#17).

Finally, a big thank you to all of the Hog Tale readers who voted in our poll for the next Arkansas head football coach. Current Raider, Lane Kiffin, won the poll but was trailed closely by both Tommy Tuberville and Goldie Hawn. My thoughts were to take the results of the poll along with 15 million up to the University, but I'm about 14.9999 million short at this point. Feel free to contribute if you want, but right now it doesn't appear as if any of the three will be heading to Fayetteville anytime soon. So, the search for the next Razorback head football coach continues.

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