Friday, December 28, 2007

McFadden's Family Inks Deals, McFadden Still Eligible

As far as we can tell, the majority of the article posted on KARK's website was bogus. The only truth was that an Escalade was purchased and that it was in D-Mac's stepmother, Ella McFadden's, name. So, KARK has at least stepped up and issued an apology earlier today for their Hog Tale reporting ways.

It looks like the University may still be looking into the situation, but in all probability, Humanity Advanced will be on the field and in uniform come Tuesday morning at 10:30.

In the meantime, D-Mac's birth mama Mini Muhammed and various other relatives have inked deals with Nike, Topps Trading Cards, Campbell's Soup, Ford, and Verizon Wireless for millions of dollars just in case Darren decides to turn pro after the bowl game is over.

Can you hear us now?

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