Thursday, December 20, 2007

From Tbilisi With Love

(That's Patsatsia. Levan Patsatia.
He's never shaken nor stirred.)

The Hog Tale caught up with Coach Pelphrey earlier today to ask him a few important questions about last night’s game:

The Hog Tale: Coach, good solid win last night. It was pretty evident to everyone including myself that the key to last night’s victory over Northwestern State was the play and also non-play of Levan Patsatsia. Talk a little bit about the next coming of Toni Kukoc for us.

Coach Pelphrey: Excuse me? Levan?

THT: Yes, Levan. You know, the Georgian General, son of Nugzar, the white Lebron. He’s number 23, just like LeBron, but with a “v” in his name and no “r” and an “a” instead of an “o”

CP: I know who you’re talking about, but I’m not following you. Levan only played three minutes of garbage time at the end of the game. It didn't mean too much. Sonny Weems was outstanding and had 21 points.

THT: Oh, contraire mon fraire. Sonny, Schmunny. Have you even looked at the boxscore, coach? L-Pat scored three points in three minutes. That’s one point for every minute played! How many other Razorbacks did that last night? Let me save you some time since you obviously haven’t reviewed the stats or watched a replay of the game yet. The answer is zero, which is also the answer to: how many turnovers did the Tbilisi (pronounced "Bill-EE-see") Baller have last night? I can argue that he was the single best player on the floor for those three minutes he was in, and that he was the key to your thrashing of NW State.

CP: You’re serious? You’re an idiot.

THT: Coach, don’t get your Kentucky blue-blood in a boil, please. When he is cheering from the bench, the players on the floor perform better. It’s 68% fact. When he hits his lay-ups during pre-game warmup and at halftime, the rest of the team feeds off his positive vibe. I think I saw where Sonny Weems even said that Levan is the best player he’s ever faced in practice.

CP: This is over… have a good day (walks out)

THT: Any day where I can see Levan Patsatsia in the box score with minutes played is a good day my friend. (Yelling at Coach Pelphrey as he walks away) Did I mention his perfection from the free throw line!? Thanks coach!

The fabulous freshman from Tbilisi single-handedly lifted the Hogs to 9-2 on the year as they travel to Little Rock for a Saturday game against Appalachian State, or as I prefer to call them: Appy Headed State. Look for more total Levan-dominance on Saturday.

(Another famous Georgian Patsatia - Tika/Tina is a model and singer from Tbilisi. Don't tell me you never learn anything on this blog!)

I'm going to take a trip one day and party in Tbilisi!

(And you thought the best ballers from Georgia all hailed from Atlanta...)

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