Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Worst SEC Game in History

I don't know what I just watched last night between 6:45 and 10, but it felt like Northwestern - Indiana circa 1978 or something. It had all the ingriendients of 1970's Big 10 football - effective defenses, non-existent offenses, stupid penalties, and a 9-7 final score. All I know is that it's getting close to Halloween and that so-called game was pure horror - maybe not in the "scare the Hell out of you" sense, but in a "gruesome, hard to watch without covering your eyes" type of game.

(Even this guy would have agreed that Arkansas-Auburn 2007 was more horrific than anything he's ever done)

I'm serious. That's the worst SEC game (excluding any games involving Mississippi State, Ole Miss, or Vandy) I've seen in recent memory. Of course, had the Hogs won, I'd be proclaiming what an awesome comeback today! But they didn't, so I'm not.
Instead, consider this: Casey Dick was the leading passer in the game with 111 yards (even though he had multiple dropped passes... AGAIN). The two best running backs in the nation combined for 85 yards rushing. An Arkansas team averaging over 330 yards on the ground managed just 67 against an Auburn defense that was missing about 10 starters on defense due to injury. Alex Tejada missed a field goal and Auburn's Wes Bynum missed two field goals. The two teams combined to go 4-26 on third down conversions. Talk about coming through in the clutch! 17 penalties and two turnovers later, Auburn wins it on nothing more than a chip shot field goal with 25 seconds left after Arkansas pretty much gave them the ball at mid-field with 1:30 remaining after horrible special teams play (a rarity this season for the Hogs).

Around the rest of the SEC yesterday:

#1 LSU bit the dust at Kentucky (no surprise to me) in 3 OTs. I knew the "Les Miles factor" would eventually catch up with them and bring everybody else back into the SEC West race (except Arkansas and Ole Miss at this point). In one of the best games of the day, Wildcat cross-dresser, Andre Woodson, threw for 250 yards and three TDs.

Ole Miss nearly took down Saban University. An over-turned play with 7 seconds left salvaged another Alabama victory. Now, Ole Miss will set their eyes on the Hogs in the battle of winless SEC teams next Saturday in Oxford.

Smelley is as Smelley does. South Carolina QB Chris Smelley threw three TD passes as the Gamecocks beat North Carolina 21-15. North Carolina, who still hates Spurrier from his days at Duke when his BlueDevils used to beat them, rallied from a 21-3 deficit, but it was too little too late.

It wasn't easy like Sunday morning for the Commodores yesterday as they fumbled the ball late and watched Georgia kicker, Brandon Coutu, boot a 37 yd. field goal as time expired giving the Bulldogs a 20-17 win over Vandy.

In Starkville, Mississippi, Tennessee improved their SEC East championship hopes with a 33-21 win over MSU.

Florida had the week off

Here's a look at the current SEC standings (look at your own risk):

SEC Standings
South Carolina 3-1 6-1
Kentucky 2-1 6-1
Tennessee 2-1 4-2
Georgia 3-2 5-2
Florida 2-2 4-2
Vanderbilt 1-3 3-3

LSU 3-1 6-1
Auburn 3-1 5-2
Alabama 3-1 5-2
Mississippi State 1-3 4-3
Arkansas 0-3 3-3
Mississippi 0-4 2-5

D-Mac and Felix are letting you decide what they will wear for Halloween.

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