Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just some Pics

As I prepare my detailed, unbiased analysis of Saturday's game, I just wanted to pass along some pics to the millions of fans who pass through this site everyday (The Stat Counter link is a complete joke and a fraud as far as I'm concerned, but it looks pretty so that's why I keep it on here).

These first two have nothing to do with Arkansas football, but I thought they were pretty funny anyway.

A Texas Tech fraternity is in trouble over this shirt aimed at rival Texas A&M and their mascot, Reveille, who they play this weekend. I like the phrase "Vick'em," though. Come on Hogs, vick'em those Auburn Tigers!

It's going to be funny when the Cavs make the first round of the playoffs next year and the whole Cleveland Indians team shows up, sits behind the Cleveland bench, and wears the other teams' jersey. Eye for an eye, right?

Will Tommy Tuberville's family vehicle show up again in Arkansas and will there be a fire extinguisher nearby?

I think McFadden is going to stiff arm Tuberville in the face Saturday night knocking his head right off. Enough stiff arms from Superman, and it's bound to happen to someone sooner or later. Why not Tuberville and why not Saturday night I ask?

And finally, a shot of the entire University of Auburn Honor Society

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