Tuesday, October 9, 2007

From Great to Greater to the Greatest

Darren McFadden is obviously the greatest running back in the history of the world and as he's climbing up the SEC career rushing leaders list. Let's take a look at the former SEC losers that should feel honored and very unworthy to have their names on the same list as D-Mac.

McFadden: currently #11 at 3,539 yards (30 games) - could get Herschel's record if he wanted to, but will probably opt to begin his journey to become the best running back in NFL history next season

Loser #10 Shaun Alexander, Alabama (3,565 yds., 42 games)

You can go here to Shaun's lame website in which he also has a children's book for purchase called "Alexander the Great."

Loser #9 Carnell Williams, Auburn (3,831 yds., 42 games)
"Cadillac" Williams has his own website where you can even sign up for his newsletter. Is there really that much of a demand that a Cadillac Williams newsletter is needed? I give it points for the whole Pirates/Buccaneers theme, but I kept expecting Captain Jack Sparrow to pop up at any point yelling to give Cadillac the ball!

Loser #8 Sonny Collins, Kentucky (3,835 yds., 41 games)
(This was a surprise. I didn't think Kentucky had a football team back in the 70's.)

Loser #7 Emmitt Smith, Florida (3,928 yds., 31 games)
(how Florida fans remember Emmitt)

(how the rest of America remembers Emmitt)

Here is Emmitt's website. Where are the photos of him in his Arizona jersey? It's like that time of his career never existed. I'd be pissed if I was a Cardinals fan. Anyone that has a Cardinals' Emmitt jersey should be entitled to a full refund plus punitive damages for this slap in the face.

Loser #6 Charles Alexander, LSU (4,035 yds., 44 games)
(no photo found, I question this yardage.)
There is just too many LSU running backs on this list.

Loser #5 Dalton Hilliard, LSU (4,050 yds., 44 games)

(Who actually remembers this guy devastating the SEC? I say only LSU fans.)

Loser #4 Errict Rhett, Florida (4,163 yds., 48 games)

(Was the SEC conference the worst run-defense conference in the country during Errict's four seasons?)

Loser #3 Bo Jackson, Auburn (4,303 yds., 38 games)
Here is another weak attempt at a website at BoJackson.com which is really just a link for more links where you can purchase Bo Jackson memorabilia.

(Bo knows D-Mac is better.)

Loser #2 Kevin Faulk, LSU (4,557 yds., 41 games)

(Fantasy football killer. Not even goot enough to start for the New England Patriots these days.)

Loser #1 Herschel Walker, Georgia (5,259 yds., 33 games)
(Sure this total in this amount of games is sick, but remember D-Mac is sharing the ball with Felix the Cat and if you take Felix's 2000+ yardage and give it to McFadden, D-Mac would be the all-time leading rusher right now. And we know, D-Mac would have gotten all those yards that Felix has stolen from him the last 2+ seasons)

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