Monday, October 15, 2007

More Costume Choices!

I linked in the previous post about D-Mac and Felix letting you decide what costumes they should wear for Halloween. Unfortunately, you have to choose between these three lame ideas: Sonny & Cher, The Blues Brothers, and Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble. I can come up with at least seven better duos to dress up like and in no particular order here they are (I'm also forming my own poll in the sidebar for you to vote so that I can send them The Hog Tale's choice):

1. Crockett & Tubbs

Pastel colors, no socks, three or four day beard growth. No duo in the 80's was cooler than these guys. Just think, they could rent a convertible corvette to cruise in while putting Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight" on a continuous loop to play all day.

(Plus it would be great to see one of them dressed up as a white man ala Eddie Murphy in this classic SNL skit:)

2. Siegfried and Roy

Nothing says Halloween fun more than being a gay white male. They could carry around stuffed tigers all day. It'd be, dare I say, magic!

3. Ike and Tina Turner

Forget Sonny and Cher. How much more fun would they have being Ike and Tina. I think D-Mac, with those skinny calves, has the Tina legs, but the only problem is that he'd have to let Felix (Ike) smack him around throughout the day

4. Venus and Serena Williams (the braided hair years)

Seeing Felix and D-Mac prance around in tennis skirts all day would be pretty funny in itself, but they have to have the braided hair from the sisters' early days. Also, everytime they open or close a door they could give one of those loud female tennis player grunts. Everytime they answer a question right in class or do something good, then the obligatory fist pump should follow.

5. Chaz Michael Michaels and Jimmy MacElroy

If anyone could be the first African-American version of Chaz and Jimmy, it would be Darren Fadden McFadden and Felixy MacEljones.

6. Milli and Vanilli

McFadden and Jones could sing just as well as Rob and Fab, aka Milli Vanilli:

Coach Nutt, you know it's true.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, we still love you.


You can blame it on the plane
Cause the plane don't mind
And the plane don't care
You got to blame the losses on something

7. Finally, if the guys just prefer something with guns and knives and bloody gloves, then I suggest that:
One could go as O.J. Simpson guilty in 1994, and the other as O.J. Simpson guilty in 2007

Guilty in 1994 (thinner face, dark hair, George Michael beard, my life is over look) or...

Guilty in 2007 (fatter face, less hair, and a I can't wait to be acquitted again smirk on the face)... your choice!

Plenty of choices, but so little time! Vote now in the poll in the sidebar for your favorite costume or feel free to leave a comment with other suggestions. That is all.

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