Friday, October 19, 2007

The Arkansas - Ole Miss Preview

Arkansas 3-3, 0-3 SEC vs. Ole Miss 2-5, 0-4 SEC
(1pm No TV)

A friend of mine who is a non-famous Ole Miss grad is dubbing this game as "a pillow fight." They are the only two winless teams in conference, so something has to give Saturday in Oxford.

On the other hand, rumor is that famous Ole Miss grad, John Grisham, is planning to write a book about the game...

Possible titles include:
The Runaway McFadden
The Felix
The Orgeron Brief
A Time to Get Killed

OK, here's what's going to happen...
The Ole Miss Rebels, fired up and giving Rebel Yells, peak during their run onto the field. This is the best they look all day as guys pound each others pads and bump helmets. Unfortunately, Coach Orgeron gets caught up in the fray and nearly gets trampled to death. They have to stretcher him off the field with a concussion and multiple leg fractures before kickoff and things only get worse for the Rebels.
McFadden and Jones each return kicks for touchdowns and Marcus Monk, marking his first game back with more than one play, is a good enough decoy to allow Casey Dick to complete 20-22 passes for 300 yards and four touchdowns. The offense puts up 500 yards in total offense and the defense looks good again sacking Ole Miss QB Seth Adams 12 times, and the Hogs roll 63-3 in this pillow fight.
The Ole Miss Rebels drop to 0-5 in the SEC and the Hogs finally get a SEC win which will propel them to a six game winning streak to end the year.

Is this really what the Arkansas-Ole Miss game amounts to on Saturday?

(With a Rebel Yell, Ole Miss will cry no more, no more, no more! On Saturday afternoon, they'll cry no more, no more, no more!)

There's still plenty of time to vote in The Hog Tale's poll for possible costume choices for D-Mac and Felix. Let's just hope Houston doesn't dress like he did last year:

Let's hope for a Rebel fail! Go Hogs!

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