Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Hogs Need Help

To loosely and inaccurately quote the Beatles:

Help, the Hogs need somebody,
Help, not just anybody,
Help, you know they need someone, help.

Could that be the understatement of this season so far? The Arkansas Razorbacks sit 3-3 through six games and could be 6-0. There are obviously some things messed up in the Razorback nation, but what will fix the Razorbacks? A new coach? A new quarterback? A new defensive scheme? Some better receivers? Blatantly violating NCAA rules and never getting caught? You can argue all of the above or none of the above, but it is evident the Hogs need some help to finish out the season with six straight wins beginning this weekend with Ole Miss.

The Monk Update:

Last report is that Marcus Monk will play some this Saturday against Ole Miss. He wants to play despite the constant uncertainty from the coaching staff (see: David Lee). Am I the only one that is having a Friday Night Lights flashback? You know what I’m talking about? Star running back “Boobie” Miles, with his injured knee, says he’s ok to play and Coach Nutt, errr, Billy Bob Thornton, desperate to win, puts him in and two plays later, he’s crumpled up on the field writhing in pain and his career is basically over. If Marcus Monk can’t make cuts at full speed like David Lee says, why even take a chance with the rest of his career at this point?

It killed me to see Boobie like this. (Quit snickering everytime I say Boobie. I know you're doing it, because I am.) It may put me over the edge if I have to see Marcus like this come the end of the Ole Miss game on Saturday.

(These monks, ironically named Ocho and Cinco, have been praying and fasting all season long in hopes of a healthy return by brother, Marcus Monk)

One Man's Opinion to Helping the Hogs:

The Office's Andy Bernard:

The Hogs definitely need some awesome lessons. Right now, they are not awesome in the category of Jim Halpert. Some awesome lessons could get them into the Ryan Howard status of extreme awesomeness. Ryan met Vince Vaughn and Ryan is so money, and he doesn't even know it. But he does.

To Recap:

(Not Awesome)

(Is Awesome)

Side Notes:

I was notified that this video is that of a disgruntled Hogs fan (aka: Current Hog fan Freaks Out in Coffee Shop)

Urinator II
I couldn't resist this link, because things can always be worse with your respective coaching staffs. Apparently, Baylor assistant football coach Erick Schnupp relieved himself on a bar at a local watering hole in Waco (yes, I said "on a bar.")

(That bar in Waco is really hoping that Eric won't be baaack)

(The original Urinator, George Costanza)

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