Friday, October 26, 2007

The Arkansas - Florida International Preview

Arkansas 4-3 (1-3 SEC) vs. Florida International 0-58

Poor Florida International. I can't even bring myself to beittle them on this blog because they are such a sad story. Nineteen straight losses. Here are some of the pathetic statistics regarding the Panthers:

FIU has not won since October 1, 2005, when they beat Florida A&M 23-6
FIU has 58 total points this season (8.3 ppg)
Arkansas is averaging 37.7 points per game
Arkansas points by quarter: 1st: 68 2nd: 68 3rd: 42 4th: 86
FIU has 638 total rushing yards (DMac has 932 yds. and Felix has 793 yds.)
FIU has 2 rushing TDs (DMac has 7, Felix has 7)
FIU has 955 total passing yards and 4 TDs (Casey Dick has 943 yds. and 11 TDs)

Did you know that their head coach is named Mario Cristobal. Do you think he can look into his last name and forsee the ass-whipping that he's going to get Saturday afternoon? Couldn't resist.

(Cristobal, Cristobal, what do you see?
I see that you're destined for 0 for 20.)

Arkansas could hang a 100 Saturday. Personally, if I felt like my job was on the line and I had one foot out the door, I would go for 100. That's just me though. This will be an ugly game. If it's even close, it's because it's homecoming weekend and the Hogs party too much on Friday night.

If you can't take my word for it, then take Darren McFadden's word (who eerily resembles 50 cent and speaks like an eloquent rich white man)...

Prediction: Arkansas 103 Florida International -6

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