Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Little Moc, Little Moc

Without question, the most famous football star to ever don a UT-Chattanooga football jersey is the one and only, "T.O.". That's right, Terrell Owens starred for the Mocs from 1992-1995 where he hauled in 19 touchdowns and racked up over 2,300 receiving yards. Owens is part of the UT-Chattanooga Athletics Hall of Fame and was named to their all century team in 2003 with other famous Mocs like Gene Roberts, Chris Sanders, Randall "Brick" Mitchell, and a whole host of other names I'm sure you're familiar with (sarcasm alert!).

Anyway, "T.O." has been one of those players I've loved to hate over the years as his personality and ego have outgrown his enormous head as he rose from a no-name receiver early on in San Francisco to a bona fide superstar towards the end of his time in San Fran and then in Philly and now with the Dallas Cowgirls.

Forget his football achievements, I really only want to focus on one thing that he has achieved thus far... his children's book!

(You knew he was a children's book author, right?)

Awww, now don't all of you want your kids to learn their life lessons from Terrell Owens? This is a disturbing trend in today's culture with the likes of Madonna and Rosie O' Trump also authoring children's books as well. Here are some possible sequels to follow:

Little T Don't Care About Sharing No More
Little T Hires A Ruthless Agent
Little T Practices Endzone Celebrations
Little T And His Favorite Curse Words
Little T Counts His Money
Little T Helps You Identify Losers
Little T Beats Up Little Donovan
Little T Scores Some Weed

In case you love "T.O." and Little T, you can get his book at for just under five bucks

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