Friday, September 14, 2007

Wide Right Part II?

The Arkansas (1-0, 0-0 SEC) – Alabama (2-0, 1-0 SEC) Preview

Saturday at 5:45pm in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Butt-kicking session #2 begins.

Here are the positives for the Razorbacks heading into Saturday’s showdown:
1. Alabama’s Terry Grant is currently the SEC’s leading rusher with 307 yards and five touchdowns in two games. Terry Grant? Terry Grant would be seventh string running back at Arkansas behind McFadden, Jones, Smith, Hillis, Fish, and the kicker, Tejada
2. John Parker Wilson is back at starting QB for the Tide’s third game, and Darren McFadden still has more touchdown passes than Wilson this season.
3. And finally for the Razorbacks, Leigh Tippin is the starting place kicker again this year for the Tide. Yes! I say “wide” and you say “right.” Wide! Right! Wide! Right! I say “choke” and you say “job.” Choke! Job! Choke! Job!

(One of my best friends used to be a kicker, so I don’t wish harm on any kickers, but man was this a pretty sight last year…)

After watching Alabama beat Vandy 24-10 last weekend, I am upgrading my prediction from the 41-6 score (side column) to 82-3. How bad is Alabama to only score 24 on Vandy? Look for McFadden to go for about 400 yards rushing and throw another touchdown pass or two. I fully expect Marcus Harrison to make John Parker Wilson cry like a baby before the game is over. The over/under line in Vegas for Alabama players crying during the game for various reasons is 6. I say this is way too low, so bet the house on the over.

Opponent Player Spotlight: John Parker Wilson

John Parker Wilson info:
Hoover High School
In 2003, he led the Bucs to the class 6A state title, completing 67 percent of his passes. Wilson hit on 314 of 467 passes for a state record 3,821 yards and 40 touchdowns.

His best collegiate game, check that, his career collegiate game was at Arkansas last season (completing 80.0% of his passes for 243 yards, 3 touchdowns, and no interceptions)
Long Play: 78 at Arkansas, 2006
Touchdowns: 3 at Arkansas, 2006
Rushes: 13 at Arkansas, 2006
Favorite Athletic Moment: playing at Reynold’s Razorback Stadium last season
Pet Peeve: People who have two first names like Billy Bob or Jim Bob, and confusing me with my little brother who appeared on the MTV reality show, “Two a Days”
Favorite Athletes: Quinn Grovey, Clint Stoerner, and Matt Jones.
Favorite Musician: Elliott Yamin

(John Parker, the Tide will wait for you)

Major: Nothing. Just minoring in a lot of things until I can decide what is easiest.
Quote about the upcoming Razorback game: “If I could just get a decent running back on my team and any good defensive players at all we would be awesome. It helps that we have a coach who will go down in Alabama history as the most perfect coach God ever created. Let’s hope my idiot kicker and my sub par offensive line are up to the task Saturday evening or I swear I am transferring to Ball State after this year.”

One last reason to hate the Tide (if you need anymore) is this man:

This is a picture of Opie, I mean Major Applewhite, who was a former Texas Longhorn QB, and is now the current offensive coordinator for the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Roll Hogs Roll.

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