Monday, September 24, 2007

Stars Come to Smith's Defense

Arkansas Razorback third team tailback Michael Smith has just added fuel to the fire also known currently as the state of Razorback football. The sophomore from Tallahassee, Florida, is facing some serious problems after his arrest Sunday afternoon. Smith has been suspended indefinitely after he was arrested for charging nearly $100 on a stolen credit card. Smith faces two felony charges of forgery and theft by receiving. Smith claims he had no knowledge that the card was stolen. Smith says the card was left in his mailbox by a friend who owed him money and says he would have never used it had he known it was stolen. While all the facts get straightened out in this case, two famous men have come to Smith's defense.

First up is rapper/singer Shaggy, who is imploring Smith to take the denial route as he changed the lyrics to one of his most popular songs:

But they caught me buying gasoline (it wasn’t me)
Saw me signing someone else’s name (it wasn’t me)
I even used it on a phone call (it wasn’t me)
They even caught me on camera (it wasn’t me)

Saw the clothes I was wearing (it wasn’t me)
Bought a jersey for Darren (it wasn’t me)
Picked me up, threw me in jail (it wasn’t me)
Houston came and wouldn’t put up the bail (it wasn’t me)

Next up and word on the street is that super attorney Jackie Chiles will take up Smith's defense.

Jackie was gracious enough to give us a few thoughts on the pending problems facing Smith:

If the card does not have his name
Then how can you say who’s to blame?

In other words,

If a friend tells him to take it and charge
Then I say go buy a shirt, and make it large!

Michael Smith runs and dives for extra yards,
He has no need for stolen credit cards

Listen up, everyone,

Michael Smith made a mistake and must go free
He must be found not-guilty of forgery!

Houston Nutt, grab this Razorback by the tail
And do not let Michael Smith go to jail!

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