Wednesday, September 5, 2007

News and Notes from Around the SEC and Elsewhere

This is the Razorbacks off week as they get ready to take on Alabama next week, so let's take a look at some news and notes from Razorback country first:

Marcus Harrison was back on the field for practice Tuesday after correctly being re-instated to the Razorback football team. The future All-American and first round draft pick will help shore up the Razorback defensive line as the Alabama game approaches. No blue pills or marijuana cigars were spotted on him at practice either.

Peyton Hillis was back working on punt returns during practice since the Hogs need to do a little bit better in the punt return arena and Hillis will provide All American caliber talent returning punts if need be.

Former Razorbacks News and Notes

Former Arkansas Razorback offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn must be feeling pretty giddy this week with the 523 yard offensive outburst of his Tulsa Golden Hurricane offense last Thursday night against the Louisiana Monroe Indians. The 523 yards led Tulsa to a 35-17 win and topped Arkansas’ 507 yards total offense against Troy University Saturday night. There have been numerous bumper sticker sightings this week that read: “523-507. Take that, Arkansas!”
No comment from Malzahn or the University of Tulsa as of yet, but Malzahn was spotted wearing a T-shirt to church on Sunday that read: “My quarterback threw for 300 yards, how about yours?”

(I can smell the arrogance coming from Tulsa already, how about you?)

In other former Razorback news, Mitch Mustain and Damian Williams were spotted leading cheers Saturday helping USC to victory over the University of Idaho Spudbabies. Mustain, one of 37 High School national players of the year on the USC roster and teammate Williams said their favorite new cheer from Saturday was the calling of the Trojans: “Wooooo U-S-C! Wooooo U-S-C! Wooooo U-S-C! Trojans!”

“Anytime John David Booty heard us call the Trojans, it fired him up and we usually scored against that rugged Idaho defense that they are so well known for around the nation,” said Williams.

Around the SEC West:

As predicted right here on this blog, Mississippi State may not score this season until they play Ole Miss on November 23rd. They are off to the kind of start I thought they would be off to: LSU 45 Mississippi St. 0. I’m waiting for my free “Croom and Doom” T-shirt to be mailed to me. I did just look at their schedule and realized they play Tulane, UAB, and some Gardner named Webb. They might not have to wait until Ole Miss before they score, but I can always hope (fingers crossed)!

Alabama 52 Western Carolina 6. Since there is not actually a state of West Carolina, and Western Carolina University is actually located in North Carolina and claims to be a “University of North Carolina campus,” shouldn’t they be Western North Carolina or North Western Carolina or West North West Carolina? The Carolinas are very confusing.

Auburn 23 Kansas State 13. Pathetic. Auburn looked horrible. They seemed way overrated coming in at #18. At this point, I have both Troy and Appalachian State ranked ahead of them in my imaginary constantly changing top 25 poll. Arkansas is still ranked 1 with the Indianapolis Colts ranked 2nd.

Kentucky 50 Eastern Kentucky 10. Who else could hang 50 on Eastern Kentucky in only three quarters I ask? Probably only Arkansas. Andre Woodson threw for 250 yards in the Wildcats win and was rewarded handsomely by unnamed boosters after the game.

Ole Miss 23 Memphis 21. Ole Miss hasn't won a non conference road game since Archie Manning was quarterbacking there sometime around 1946 or something, but they did it this week winning at Memphis. Congrats to the Ole Missers!

Out in the SEC East:

Florida 49 Western Kentucky 3. I feel bad for the poor directional Kentucky schools this week. Crack-smoking Tim Tebow threw for 300 yards and three touchdowns as he rubbed poor Western Kentucky's noses in the dirt. Payback for picking on the weak is coming Timmy.

Cal 45 Tenn 31. Way to go Tenn. You don't even deserve for me to spell out your full name completely. You're just Tenn. this week. Way to emabarass the rest of the SEC with your crappy performance. Nice job, Erik Ainge. Throw some more TD passes next time and you guys might win. Hey defense, how about getting a stop or two?

South Carolina 28 Louisiana Lafayette 14. The Ragin' Cajuns were no match for the legend in his own mind, Steve Spurier and the Gamecocks.

Vandy 41 Richmond 17. Woohoo Vandy! Let's hear it for the I.Q. of the SEC!

Georgia 35 OSU 14. Bulldogs played like one of the better teams that they are. Cowboys played like one of the horrible Big 12 teams that they are. No big surprise at all.

Finally as a tribute to the great win of Appalachian State over Michigan, here is the awesome, awesome recruting video that landed them those players that kicked Michigan's tail on Saturday. It's hot, hot, hot!

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