Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mean Wildcats?

The Dwight Shrute fact or fiction question of the week:

Fact or Fiction? Kentucky Wildcats are the wildest and most savage of all North American wildcats?
Answer. Fiction. It is common knowledge that most wildcats located in the state of Kentucky are missing most of their teeth and are typically inbred wildcats giving them very little knowledge or skill at anything while having to deal with multiple birth defects. Wildcats located in the state of Kentucky are slightly less dangerous than your common house kitty.
On the other hand, the most dangerous of wildcats in North America have to be the breed of half men, half wildcats known as "Willie" wildcats located in the northern part of Kansas. Here is a picture of one just before he ate one of the cheerleaders. That is all. - Dwight K. Shrute

I don't know how I've possibly made it this far without giving DeviceHigh a little love. Besides myself, he/they was/were the only other sensible person/people predicting 12-0 for the Hogs this season. He/they has/have some sweet videos on YouTube. Check out this 2007 Season Preview with a little help from AC/DC...

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