Monday, March 17, 2008

We're Talkin' About Practice!

Yes, spring is in the air and so are footballs across this great country of ours. And, yes, we are talkin' about practice!

In particular, there will be a lot of footballs thrown in the air at USC this spring as former Arkansas Razorback/traitor/redshirt sophomore Mitch Mustain battles junior Mark Sanchez for the starting QB spot. Here is a Q&A session with Mustain from the L.A. Times a few days ago in case you missed it.

Not that I really care too much about what happens to Mustain now that we have Ryan Mallett on campus, but I do occasionally wonder if Mustain will ever get a chance to live up to all the hype. Will he eventually end up winning the starting job there or will he ride the bench behind Sanchez at least the next two years (barring any injury to Sanchez)? Or will he eventually transfer to some small school where he can play immediately? I say he ends up starring at Montana State beginning in 2009 after another year of riding the bench as Sanchez leads the Trojans into national championship contention. Here is the 2008 USC Spring prospectus for anyone who gives a rip.

Meanwhile, here is Mustain practicing his ninja skills which he feels will help make him a better QB...

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