Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some Sweet 16 Motivation

Hey, don't worry if you didn't correctly pick all sweet 16 teams. Not many people did, but this little kid, Johnny Gilbert did. You're getting your ass beat by some 12 year old who gets his news from the newspaper and internet - no cable tv. The thing that kills me about this interview is whats-her-face doing the interview (who is this chick? I don't even have a desire to look it up. Somebody else tell me). Anyway, she's grilling him like he's a star witness to a murder or something.

Good luck tonight. For the record (I'm changing the old record), I'm taking:

UCLA over W. KY Jelly
Cheatin' Bob Huggins University over X

Roy Williams' Tears over The Cougs of WSU
The Headbanded Hoodlums over Slick Rick's LVille

The Graceland Tigers over Michy State
Miss Texas over the Lopez Boys of Stanford

Rock Chalk over my old Nova
The Cheese eating white boys over David and his son.

My new Final Four will be:
Rock Chalk
Roy's Boys
Miss Texas

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