Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Ole Miss 81 Arkansas 72

What more can I say other than the loss to Ole Miss drops Arkansas to 19-10 overall and 8-7 in conference, and they are on the verge of not making the NCAA tourney with six experienced, talented seniors.

The supposedly deepest and most talented front line in the SEC got out-rebounded... again. Ole Miss won the war on the glass and out hustled the Hogs most of the night. Patrick Beverley was outstanding for the second game in a row and so was Darrian Townes on the offensive end, but it wasn't enough, as no one really had an answer for Ole Miss' Dwayne Curtis who went for 23 and 11 against our front line.

Ole Miss made 18 free throws while the Hogs attempted only 11 all night which is either a lack of agressiveness or horribly one-sided officiating. If you saw the game, (or to be accurate the last three minutes of the first half and the entire second half because of the Ohio St.-Purdue OT game) I'll let you decide.

This season has become a little too Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde-ish for me...

Auburn at home on Saturday afternoon will conclude the Razorbacks' regular season.

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