Sunday, March 23, 2008

Heads Carolina, Tails Arkansas

It's the #1 baby blue boys from Carolina and the Arkansas Razorbacks Sunday afternoon at 4:20 CST in Raleigh. It's practically a home game for the Heels, and it will sure resemble one I'm sure.

This has the makings of one of those games that could go down in Razorback history. It could be one for the ages. More madness in March.

Picture this: six Razorback seniors much maligned for their up and down play and more so for the disappointments they've had than for any of the big regular season wins. These six seniors plus the gritty soph Patrick Beverley play the best game in recent Razorback memory and screw up everyone's bracket, especially those that had UNC winning the whole thing with a stunning upset over the nation's #1 team.

Roy Williams cries afterwards saying how disappointed he is for his players and CBS pans the crowd of 15,000 UNC fans sitting there with that "I can't believe that just happened" expression on their faces while the small contingent of Razorback fans celebrate with hugs and high fives. You say "pipe dream" and "no way." Maybe, but that's why they play the games, and it's possibilities like these that make the NCAA Tournament the most exciting three weeks in sports.


gerry dorsey said...
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gerry dorsey said...

godspeed hogs.