Friday, March 14, 2008


Razorbacks and Vandy today at 3:15! (Update: Sorry, 2:15 CST)
(By the way, sweet photo over at Razorback Expats today showing U.S. Reed's memorable half court shot from 1981 that beat Louisville and put the Hogs into the Sweet 16.)

Well, we saw some interesting twists yesterday. I thought LSU would win. They didn't. I picked Vandy and they won. I took Alabama and they won (see my preview below if you don't believe me). But, what I really didn't see happening was Ole Miss going down in flames to Georgia. In case some of you missed the end, Georgia's Dave Bliss banked in about a six footer with .4 seconds left in overtime for the win.

Georgia nearly puked on themselves twice. Once at the end of regulation when Ole Miss' David Huertas was fouled shooting a three pointer and made all three free throws to send the game into OT.

Then, in the second OT, Ole Miss' Chris Warren was fouled shooting a three pointer and hit all three to tie the game with about 5.5 seconds remaining.

(Memo to "Coach" Dennis Felton - how about talking to your guards about staying on the floor and putting a hand in the face instead of trying to block a shot. Last I checked (this morning), Humphrey and Butler (the two foulers that led to Ole Miss having a chance to win) had a combined five blocked shots on the year. It's called coaching, Dennis. Check into it.)

Unfortunately for Ole Miss, after those three free throws, no one stopped Corey Butler as the Georgia guard raced the length of the floor before dishing to Bliss for the wide open shot that Bliss banked in to give Georgia the win.

Barring a 30 point blowout loss to Vandy today (or an improbable run by the Tide), it looks like the SEC will get 5 teams in with Ole Miss and Florida's chances going up in smoke.

(Did someone say up in smoke, man?)

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