Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hey JaJuan Smith - How Does That Taste!

I'll answer that for you JaJuan - bad... that's how that loss tastes... bad.

Look, I don't mind admitting that I was lazy today and pretty much watched wall to wall basketball (with the exception of one episode of Cold Case and part of a repeat of America's Best Dance Crew - love those Jabba WockeeZ), and what a damn good day it was to do that.

Where to start? Of course, this being The Hog Tale, the obvious choice is with one of the greatest Arkansas basketball games in recent history. Lead changes, foul troubles, nasty dunks, big shots, smack talk, and a turnaround fadeaway jumper by a seven footer with limited offensive skills (and I use the word "limited" very loosely) with 5 seconds left were all a part of this incredible 92-91 Razorback win.

Steven Hill? Are you serious? His only basket of the game and it was the winner. Besides going down in history as one of the best shot blockers in Razorback history, the big lefty with no visible facial expressions will live on in history with the shot that rocked #4 Tennessee and put them out of the SEC Tourney.

(Hello, my name is JaJuan Smith and I am a smack-talking thug that got his ass beat today)

In case you didn't catch my subtle distaste or my reason for pissing on JuJuan Smith, well you must not have watched the first half of the game.

Smith looked like a smack-talking fool as he jawed and even stared down Coach Pelphrey after hitting a 22 footer with a hand in his face. Now, I'm all for a little smack talk and heated intensity between players, but when you start talking smack to the opposing head coach you have officially crossed the line from fiery competitor to a-hole.

JaJuan was awesome in the first half (14pts.), but spent some bench time in the second half trying to get rid of cramps in his calves which slowed him down, (everyone say ... awwwww) and he only had another four points to finish with 18 total.

Meanwhile, Charles Thomas came up HUGE. Manimal was at his manimalistic best today with 24 points and 10 rebounds and at times seemed to be unstoppable inside which hasn't happened much the second half of the season. With his offense and Darrian Townes' solid play again inside, the Razorbacks were tough again in the paint and dominated the battle of the boards.

You suck, JaJuan!

Patrick Beverley was solid again with 17 points and Stefan Welsh was dead eye from the three point line for the second day in a row. Sonny Weems remains the only worry right now for the Backs, but he had an incredible alley-oop dunk down the stretch and knocked down a crucial 15 footer in the closing minute to get out of his funk. Hopefully, he's due for a big game tomorrow.

(Charles carried the Razorbacks at times, and then carried fans during the post-game celebration over Tennessee)

Have a good trip back to Knoxville, JaJuan.

Hope you and the rest of the headband hoods have a restful day tomorrow as you find out what region you'll be the number two seed in. But, hey, don't take my animosity personal... I'll be cheering for the SEC come next weekend... unless of course you are playing against some team I like better.

Normally, this would have been the story of the SEC Tourney, but Georgia not only won today - they won twice. Due to the storm that postponed last night's Kentucky - Georgia game, the two teams tipped off around noon today and a little white boy freshman from Georgia named Swansey hit a three pointer in overtime at the buzzer to help beat Kentucky.

(It's a Swansey Swish! The shot that shot down the Kentucky Mildcats)

The Bulldogs then turned around and beat Mississippi State in another thriller in the night game after the Arkansas-Tennessee game. In what has to be some sort of modern day record, Georgia's Sundiata Gaines fouled out of both games making each close win even that more remarkable.

So, now Georgia faces Arkansas for the SEC Championship tomorrow. Georgia beat Arkansas earlier this year in their only meeting at Georgia.

We had three great games today from the SEC Tourney, so you know what that means: a huge letdown tomorrow afternoon in the championship game. Arkansas (22-10) won three games last year to get to the championship where they were then pummeled by the national champion Gators. I think we will see a similar scenario tomorrow where Georgia (16-16) runs out of steam and Arkansas takes home the crown.

The WhACk final...

Usually I wouldn't waste my breath on something so insignificant as the WAC conference, but after the great SEC action had subsided, I was lucky enough to take in the end of the WAC Championship where Boise State nearly gave the game away... twice, before winning in triple overtime over New Mexico State.

Regardless of how the rest of the championship games play out tomorrow, I will always remember this lazy Saturday that produced three SEC classics and one WAC triple OT thriller.

I like you less now that I did before I started this post, JaJuan. See ya next season in Bud Walton, punk.

(I'm sure the Jabbawockeez will be calling the Hogs tomorrow afternoon.)


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