Saturday, March 22, 2008

Here Comes The Son(ny)

It's Always Sonny in Raleigh, baby! Wow, that's two really lame play on words in a row.

Anyway, it doesn't matter, because Sonny Weems looked like the first team All-SEC performer that he is last night against Indiana. Weems missed his first two shots and then made his last 12 to finish with 31 points leading the Hogs to the 86-72 win.

You better get ready, Carolina! We're coming for you. I'm sure you're scared, but the Razorbacks have nothing to lose. The pressure is all on the baby blue. Weems may have to score 40 and Townes may have to get 30, but it's better than another first round loss. I can't believe this is the first Razorback NCAA Tourney win since 1999.

Day Two Picks:

Well, once again my apologies for my crappy 10-16 picks in Day Two, though I did call the San Diego upset.

My cumulative picks on this post: 20-32 with only 13 Sweet 16 picks remaining

That is shred-your-bracket-and-wait-until-next-year picking.

Hope you didn't seriously put any money on anything I said. That would have been stupid. If you did, you may need some sort of intervention. But, if you're looking for a sure bet to make up for all the first round mistakes to get you back even... Razorbacks straight up over UNC Sunday. Take it to the bank! (Preferably one with loose practices)

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