Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Hogs Travel To Ole Miss, Pelphrey Locks In On Record

Arkansas 19-9 (8-6) at Hotty Toddy 19-9 (5-9)
Tipoff: Tuesday 8:00 pm CST in Oxford

Not everyone's happy about Pelphrey locking up a 20th win and a school record for most wins by a first year head coach...

Lambert’s Family Cheering Against Pelphrey

Coming just over a month after the New England Patriots failed to capitalize on a perfect season to match the 1972 Miami Dolphins, Arkansas first year basketball coach John Pelphrey has matched a University of Arkansas best with 19 wins and is running into an opposition of his own. The 19 wins tie Eugene Lambert’s long-standing record held since the 1942-43 season when Lambert won 19 while only losing seven.

Lambert's family has been very vocal in their opposition of Pelphrey taking over the record.

Nephew Mercury Lambert has been one of the most vocal of the Lamberts these past few weeks:

"Like a popular saying on my ranch, I believe this Pelphrey guy setting the record stinks like horse*@#& ! This kid gets so many more games than Uncle Eugene did. It's not quite on the same level as Eugene. This record belongs in the Lambert family forever."

Another opponent has been second cousin Don Lambert who has even gone so far as to suggest that Pelphrey have an asterisk next to his name if he does indeed break Eugene’s long-standing record.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have said it,” Don confessed, “But I’m very proud of my second cousin's record. It’s not to take anything away from Coach Pelphrey but look at all these games he got to coach and all these inferior opponents that he beat up on early in the season.”

Larry Little Lambert said that the family can accept that the two end up in a tie for the record but that he "will be disgusted if the record falls to a Kentucky boy with half the basketball knowledge of G-Pa."

So, for now, the Red Bulls and Vodka are on ice at the old Lambert homestead as the family and friends of the legendary Eugene "The Coaching Machine" Lambert anxiously hope Coach Pelphrey fails to get another win this season.

"We toast it up everytime a first year coach fails to reach 20 wins and throw one hell of a party in Eugene's name. It may be a long shot this year," said Don, "And we don't wish any bad things on Coach Pelphrey for years to come, but for the rest of this season, I hope his team mails it in like they did at Alabama last week."

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