Sunday, March 16, 2008

Arkansas Takes On The Hoosier Daddies

The Razorbacks are headed east to Raleigh, North Carolina for a Friday showdown with the Indiana Hoosiers.

IU has had their share of scandal and distractions throughout the season as Coach Kelvin Sampson was forced out a few weeks back after NCAA violations. Indiana was beaten in the first round of the Big 10 Tourney when Minnesota scored on an unbelievable shot at the buzzer. The Hoosiers are a jeckyll and hyde team much like Arkansas. Indiana is led by freshman stud Eric Gordon - a big 6'4" guard that will give us some matchup problems because of his size (just think better shooting versions of guards like Jamont Gordon or Sundiata Gaines). The Hoosier inside game is anchored by 6'9" senior DJ White who is averaging a double double. It will be an interesting matchup between two power conference teams.

The winner is rewarded with a matchup against #1 North Carolina.

My preliminary thoughts in general on the NCAA tourney bracket:

I think Arkansas' loss to Georgia cost them a seven, maybe a six seed. And, frankly, I would much rather have a 10 or 11 seed instead of the 8 or 9, because those seeds get punished with a number 1 seed matchup if they win.

Vandy as a 4 seed? Ridiculous. Vandy is a solid team, but they are not one of the top 16 teams in the country right now. I think 5 seeds Notre Dame and Michigan State are better and deserved a 4 seed over Vandy. I even think 6 seeded USC and Marquette are probably better teams, but their resumes didn't earn them a higher seed. I just don't see Vandy, as a team Arkansas has beaten twice this season, as four seeds higher than Arkansas. Once again though, Arkansas losing twice this year to Georgia (including today) did them no favors.

Love the USC - Kansas State first round game. Mayo and Beasley squaring off in the Midwest region.

I think the toughest region is the South with Memphis, Texas, Stanford, and Pitt as the top four seeds there. Throw in Michigan State and Marquette there and that's a tough road for Memphis.

The easiest region I think is the West with UCLA, Duke, Xavier, and UConn as the top four seeds there. I think UCLA cruises to San Antonio.

I'll have a Hog Tale Bracket done sometime in the next day or two, so you all can copy off of it and win your respective pools. Just consider it a free bonus for being a loyal reader.

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