Sunday, January 20, 2008

See You At Tha Crossroads

Happy MLK Day to ya.

(Bone Thugs-N-Harmony is waiting for the Razorbacks at tha Crossroads)

Two straight disappointing losses by the Razorbacks to two mediocre teams has them at 13-5 and at a crossroads in this basketball season. At 2-2 in the conference, the pre-season Western Division pick to finish first now stands two games back of the sucky 4-0 Mississippi State Bulldogs (there should never be any time when Arkansas is ever looking up at a Mississippi school in any real sport. The thought alone makes me want to puke).

So, I say it's crossroads time for these Razorbacks heading to God-forbidden Louisiana for a Saturday showdown against a mediocre LSU team. Are we sensing a theme for SEC basketball here? In fact, I believe the following was a finalist for this year's slogan but just missed making the cut: "2008 SEC Basketball! It's... pretty average."

In a season ripe for the picking by an experienced, talented Razorback team, the Hogs showed absolutely no passion, no fire, no nothing on Saturday at Georgia. There was never a time in the second half of that game, where I said to myself, here comes an Arkansas rally. Not once. In fact, I sat there with no fire, no passion, no nothing as well watching Georgia's 1-3-1 halfcourt trap befuddle the Hogs most of the afternoon while Beverley and Weems struggled to get any offense going (which is one sure way to lose a game).

My buddy Boom-Boom texted me after the game Saturday saying: "Has Arkansas quit? Dude, this is getting ridiculous."
So, I beg the question - which direction are these Hogs heading?

With LSU coming up, a loss would drop the Hogs to 13-6 and 2-3 in the conference and they could easily be looking at a 19-11 season, another 8-8 conference record, and the label of "bubble team" come March, which would be a major disappointment in this mediocre SEC (compared to last year's talent anyway).
Or, these Razorbacks could sack up, beat LSU's ass on Saturday and get rolling and finish with 21 or 22 wins and 10 or 11 in conference and be a decent threat come March. I know that sometimes I just pull stuff out of thin air and most of this blog is to be taken with a grain of salt anyway, but seriously no one will be able to convince me that this is not a legitimate sweet 16 team.

(Here's Billy Humphrey going for 2 of his 60 points... well, it just seemed like that I guess)

All you white guy wanna-be rappers, sing with me...

Now tell me whatcha gonna do when judgement comes for you...

Either way, see you at tha crossroads, crossroads, crossroads...


gerry dorsey said...

look at the bright least you're not an alabama hoops fan.

Double K said...

true... but at least you guys can say "well, if Ronald Steele was healthy... and wonder"
we have no excuses...