Monday, January 14, 2008

One Tough Mutha and My Man, Rotnei

Patrick Beverley and His Dislocated Mandible

(My mandible's dislocated! My mandible's dislocated! Wait, I can't yell, because my mandible has been dislocated by some sorry, cheap-shotting Tide baller, and it would cause me too much pain to yell.)

Patrick Beverley may have not looked so good on the offensive end in yesterday's overtime win against Alabama, but there was a reason for it. The sophomore guard missed two crucial free throws down the stretch in overtime that could have sealed the deal, but instead still gave Alabama a chance. Beverley did tear down a career high 13 rebounds to go along with a dislocated jaw he suffered in the first half. I can see my way to forgive him for those two misses at the charity stripe that could have sealed the win in overtime considering he may have had a little pain in his facial region that would have been distracting. If I wouldn't have passed out from the pain, I probably would have made those myself.

Coach Pel says he should be alright to go on Wednesday night when the Hogs host South Carolina and look to go to 3-0 in the SEC.

Don't Call Me Rodney... it's Rotnei

(With a name like Rotnei Clarke, he's got to be... white?)

In case you haven't really kept track of Arkansas' basketball signees, one is a young man from Verdigris High School (near Tulsa) named Rotnei Clarke. Considered by some to be the best shooter in the nation (yes, I said "nation"), Clarke went off for 53 points yesterday as Verdigris beat Alva, OK 83-55 in the championship game of the Wheat Capital Tournament. Obviously, Clarke was named MVP and probably won some sort of wheat grain or a year's supply of whole wheat bread or something as his prize. I realize that Verdigris is a small school and there is usually only one, maybe two good players on teams like these, but still - 53 points in less than 32 minutes! The 6'0 guard, who is currently fourth all-time in Oklahoma state high school scoring, will sure look good in red and white next season. Let's just hope he's not the next Sean McCurdy.

(Sean sends his best (middle fingers included) to all the Arkansas fans and former Arkansas coaches; here he is wearing his new digs as part of the William and Mary Tribe. If you click on this link and scroll down to page 27, you will see that Sean wants to play pro basketball and would most like to add Arkansas to the William and Mary schedule)

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