Thursday, January 10, 2008

The McFadden Harassment and The Auburn Tigers

"Humanity Advanced" was apparently led away in handcuffs after an early Thursday morning altercation at a bar in Little Rock.

It's obvious to me that he and his family were harassed at this local establishment as they were attempting to have a good time. Various individuals and one of the bouncers were responsible for this horrible injustice against D-Mac and his fine family. The police showed up to protect all the other people from McFadden just kicking everybody's ass there.

McFadden's semi-official statement upon being released:

"Don't bring no weak-ass handcuffs to my house! Handcuffs contain me about as well as South Carolina's defense. I could have busted them if I wanted to. But, this is D-Mac's town! This is D-Mac's area code! I make the laws and I set the regs. I own Little Rock! I am the Rock! I sport a tat with 501 Boy. You set foot in Little Rock, you answer to me. I don't answer to no one!"

The local Little Rock authorities agreed with D-Mac.
It's a non-issue. D-Mac will continue his preparations for total domination in the NFL next year.

Arkansas - Auburn

Watching the game on ESPN... here are some random thoughts as the game goes along in the first half... Auburn is killing from the three point line and out hustling the Hogs on the boards right now... Nobody should be shooting threes except Beverly right now - Welsh and Ervin and Weems are tossing up clankers... the Razorbacks are getting some bad calls and no-calls... Pel's doing a good job slowing Auburn down with their token full court zone press... the halfcourt defense is lacking though... The Hogs are missing numerous lob and entry pass attempts...

Hogs leading at the half 37-36
I think the Hogs took Auburn's best shot and they should win by 10-15.

Second half thoughts... Auburn is hanging in there after the Hogs jumped up by five early on... Sonny is picking up his offense a little bit now - a good sign... what the hell? 6-14 from the FT line right now... Weems is playing great... Auburn has hit some big threes again to stay in the game... Coach Pel has those "crazy, wide eyes" going on down the stretch...

Hogs Win 76-70. Good effort by Auburn. Any road win in the SEC is a good win. Way to go, Pel! A 1-0 SEC start.


gerry dorsey said...

where's the albama/arkansas hoops preview?? the tide is coming to take over bud walton.

i'm just talking shit. i don't like bama's chances.

Double K said...

didn't get time for a preview, but your boys almost stole one... Hendrix reminds me of myself only he's bigger, stronger, and more athletic...