Sunday, January 13, 2008

Arkansas Escapes, Gottfried Wants To Beat Up Pelphrey

(Former Pine Bluff standout Mykal Riley commits one of his 14 fouls - he was only whistled officially for five of them)

It started out like a track meet and ended up like a sumo wrestling match. It looked at times like Arkansas and their "40 minutes of Pel" were threatening to run Alabama out of the gym. But the Tide kept hanging around and had an oppurtunity to win it in overtime, but Gary Ervin came up with two big field goals and Charles Thomas hit two free throws to help secure the Hogs a 2-0 SEC Conference start with their 71-67 Overtime win over Alabama. The Razorbacks got another solid game out of Sonny Weems as well as Darrien Townes off the bench.

Apparently Coach Pel and Alabama Coach Mark Gottfried are good friends going back many years to their high school playing days. Well, no more. After the game, Coach Gottfried was overheard saying

"Screw Pelphrey. My dad hired him at South Alabama... gave him a job! Fed him and his stupid family, put clothes on his back and helped him get this job at Arkansas, and this is how he pays me back, huh? What a compadre. This good buddy of mine pressed us and his team hacked us and his officials just jobbed us. He had his band play extra loud and the crowd wouldn't be quiet for us to call our plays. There is no call for this kind of crap in amateur athletics among "friends." I have no time for any questions from you idiot journalists, but just tell Coach Pel I'll be waiting in the parking lot for him and he better bring his A-game with him. I'm going to beat his pale-skinned, buggy-eyes skinny ass into the Arkansas turf with my two fists - "Crimson" and "Tide."

No word as to whether the two met, but it will sure make for an interesting rematch in Tuscaloosa later this year.

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gerry dorsey said...

in response to your comment on the other post...hendrix is a bad, bad man...but he (like his teammates) is a BUTCHER from the free throw line. shaping up to be a long season in t'town.