Friday, January 4, 2008

Bowls, Blues and Baylor

Take comfort Arkansas fans in knowing that our pot-producing redneck neighbors to the west of us also suck when it comes to bowling in recent years.

Both OU and Arkansas are 1-4 in thier last five bowl games. Sure the four losses OU suffered were in BCS bowls, but that doesn't make losing any easier on the OU fans. Trust me, I know a lot of them, and the frustration runs deep. In fact, it may sting more considering the BCS Bowl games are hyped a little more and considered more meaniful and important than other bowl games. Arkansas' only win in the last five tries came against Missouri 27-14 in the 2003 Dung Bowl in Shreveport. OU's only win came in the 2005 Holiday Bowl over Oregon 17-14.

Of the four losses over this five game period, both OU and Arkansas lost two games by seven points or less (Arkansas to OU by 7 in '01 and by 3 to Wisconsin in '07; OU by 1 to Boise in '07 and 7 to LSU in '04) and were blown out of two (Arkansas losing by 31 to Missouri this year and losing by 15 to Minnesota in '02; OU by 20 this year to WVU and by 36 to USC in '05).

So, while you mull over the catastrophe that was this year's Cotton Bowl, just keep in mind that we are not the only regional fans in a pissy mood to begin 2008.

Now, as we begin a shift into SEC basketball play, here is an interesting link to Forbes' website and their rundown of the 20 most valuable (in dollars) college basketball teams in the country. Arkansas is in it, but I'm not going tell you where.

It will be another tough road test (even though it's considered a neutral floor) this Saturday as the Hogs (10-3) take on Baylor in Dallas (7:30 tipoff on ARSN), and it sure doesn't appear that this is your average crappy Baylor team. The Bears are 11-1 with wins at Notre Dame and at South Carolina. Their only loss was a three point home loss to a very good Washington State team. This may actually be considered a "big win" for the Razorbacks come March, but any win on the road at this point has to be considered big.

The Bears have five guys averaging over 10 points per game and sixth man Tweety Carter averages about 9.5 ppg off the bench.

(Baylor's Tweety Carter.
I taught I saw a Wazuhback. I did! I did see a Wazuhback!)

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