Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hogs Skin Bears in Dallas, Prep for Auburn

A good solid win for the Hog bball team Saturday as they took down the Baylor Bears in Dallas 85-78. Despite giving up 12 layups/dunks and 69% first half shooting by the Bears (I counted those layups/dunks thanks to the miraculous invention that is the DVR. Seriously, the DVR has to rank up there with the light bulb and Al Gore's internet as one of the greatest inventions ever) the Hogs trailed just 48-41. Sonny Weems and Charles Thomas carried the Hogs in the second half as they rallied to take down a good Baylor team.

Is Baylor a NCAA tourney team? Maybe, maybe not. I'd say the Bears are a borderline NCAA tourney team and this win by the Hogs will look decent come selection time in March.

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