Friday, November 16, 2007

The Arkansas - Mississippi State Preview

Arkansas 6-4 (2-4)
Mississippi State 6-4 (3-3)
1 pm kickoff in Little Rock

(Mississippi State fans must be estatic at 6-4 and 3-3 in conference)

Well, fellow Hog fans, it looks like this will be the last time Mr. 501 will be running over, running around, and running by opposing defenders in front of a home crowd. I always wondered what would happen if something unforseen occurred and Little Rock had to change their 501 area code for some reason. D-Mac would be stuck with that 501 on his bicep. But then I remembered, he's D-Mac, and he's the only one with enough power to change the Little Rock area code.

(Does it ever get old looking at this photo (in a non-gay, totally masucline kind of way, obviously)?)

If it's not a capacity crowd at War Memorial Stadium on Saturday I will be very disappointed in those that had the oppurtunity to go and didn't. This should be the last time you will ever see the greatest running back in Arkansas history run the football on his home soil. So, by that logic, it seems to me that there really should not be an empty seat in the place regardless of your feelings for the current coaching regime. So, if you must, fly your banners, talk trash about the coaching staff, whatever, but soak in the Darren McFadden Experience one last time in Arkansas. Oh, and hopefully, that other "decent" running back we have will feel good enough to go for about 100 yards as well.

(The Mississippi State O-Line, looking as tenacious as ever in this photo, will look to control the line of scrimmage and improve on their 12th place status in total offense among SEC teams)

Some miscellaneous painful notes:

Mississippi State, we feel your pain...
Arkansas ranks ahead of only one other school in pass offense this season, and it's Mississippi State! Yeah! Some other fans have the right to complain about their passing game as much or more than Hog fans.

Feeling some pain (hopefully not too much)...
Felix Jones has been getting in some reps in practice, but it is not known yet how much or if he will play on Saturday. Marcus Monk and Robert Johnson did not practice on Thursday but both are expected to play. Offensive lineman Jose Valdez returned to practice, but will not start Saturday.

No prison pain...
The bogus forgery and theft charges against Michael Smith have been dropped. Meanwhile, the dude that actually gave the credit card is facing 12 counts of fraudulent use of the credit card and four counts of second-degree felony.

(Mississippi State's new ticketing software package includes barcode scanners to check tickets at MSU sporting events. Coming soon: MSU fans will have the mark of the dog/beast put upon their foreheads and in exchange will win multiple national championships. Exciting times at MSU!)

This pains me to read...
Arkansas is #2 in total offense in the SEC and #6 in total defense (but we have the 10th best record in conference? A+B does not equal C)

Bo knows pain...
Step aside, Mr. Jackson. D-Mac needs just 112 yards to tie Bo Jackson for third place on the all-time SEC rushing leaders list.

Pains in the neck of opposing defenses...
This game will boast three of the league's top five rushers in McFadden (1st), possibly Felix Jones (3rd), and MSU's Anthony Dixon (5th). Earlier this week, both McFadden and Jones were named as semifinalists for the Doak Walker Award given to the nation's top running back each year. If McFadden wins it this year, he will join dope-smoking, just recently re-instated to the NFL, Ricky Williams as the only two-time winners of the award.
The rest of the list includes:
Anthony Alridge, Sr., Houston (drug pusher to elementary school kids)
Matt Forte, Sr., Tulane (illegal gun-dealer and puppy thief)
Mike Hart, Sr., Michigan (runs multiple child pornography websites)
Rashard Mendenhall, Jr., Illinois (never heard of him)
Ray Rice, Jr., Rutgers (black market baby seller)
Kevin Smith, Jr., Central Florida (gay Floridian pimp)
Jonathan Stewart, Jr., Oregon (duck-fighting promoter and investor)
Jamall Charles, Jr., Texas (filthy Longhorn)

Now, go here and make your more educated vote count!

(Sylvester's room of doom, where he does the boom with Mrs. Croom, we assume)

The Clubber Lang prediction for the game:
My prediction? Pain.

War Memorial Stadium is renamed War McFadden Stadium and the Hogs kill the Dogs to death on Saturday 45-0. Michael Vick is happy. PETA is not.

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