Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I'm Dead Sexy!

(Tennessee head football coach Phil Fulmer (pictured left) is preparing his troops to take on the Arkansas Razorbacks Saturday afternoon in Knoxville)

The Hog Tale caught up with Coach Fulmer (sporting the new mini-afro look and just out of bed) for two quick questions this week.

The Hog Tale: Coach Fulmer, Darren McFadden is obviously more talented than any player you've ever coached or seen in person. What are you going to have to do to even contain Arkansas' all-world talent, Darren McFadden?

THT: What about the other half of the dynamic duo also known as Felix Jones?

So, as you can see, Coach Fulmer has concocted another brilliant strategy to limit McFadden & Jones on Saturday. Will Houston Nutt and his staff be able to counteract this strategy? We will find out Saturday.

Since I recorded the Arkansas-South Carolina game this past weekend, I have had the chance to watch a lot of it. I figured out what McFadden's performance kind of reminded me of. You know that scene in Forrest Gump where Forrest runs back and forth across the country multiple times and quits only because he gets tired? McFadden on Saturday night in Fayetteville was the college football equivalent of that.

(Speaking of Forrest, if you've ever read "The Nick Saban Itinerary", it was created by the guy that runs the funny Alabama Crimson Tide site called

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