Sunday, November 11, 2007

Vols Get Lucky, Squeak by Hogs in Nail-biter

On Saturday afternoon in Knoxville, the Tennessee Volunteers scratched and clawed and were fortunate to escape with an ESPN Instant classic like 34-13 win in front of a sell out home crowd.

"We were really just three plays away from winning this game easily," said Coach Houston Nutt after the game, "The 16 yard touchdown pass, the 14 yard touchdown pass, and the interception return for a touchdown were the plays of the game that prevented us from winning today. We matched their one touchdown run and our kicker gave us two field goals just like theirs did. You take away those other three plays and this is a different ballgame and a different outcome."

Indeed, those three plays accounted for 21 of the 34 Tennessee points. Alex Tejada did his part for the Razorbacks with two made field goals in two attempts and Michael Smith accounted for the lone Razorback touchdown.

"It was crazy exciting," said one Hog fan who made the 45 hour trip from Fayetteville to Knoxville, "I mean it was back and forth the whole game, but they just scored more points. That one first down we had in the first half was spine-chilling! Oh, and don't forget the 4th and 1 where we gave the ball to Peyton Hillis instead of D-Mac or Felix and we didn't make it. Man, that was some sly trickery stuff that just didn't work this time... but was it ever exciting!"

Another fan added his thoughts:

"I sure am glad I drove nine days to get here and see this thing in person. Even though we lost, it would have sucked if we had played bad or had bad play calling or gave up any big plays. But we really didn't do any of that, so this game was truly a heart-breaker for us Hog fans. The Tennessee fans were great and the Tennessee players were great except for the time they intentionally thigh-bruised Felix Jones on the kickoff which kept him out of the game the whole second half. Intentional thigh-bruising is something the league needs to take a long hard look at this offseason... way too much of that stuff going on."

(Hog fans were treated to an instant classic in Knoxville Saturday)

"I love seeing yellow hankies flying in the air," stated another proud Razorback fan, "It's practically orgasmic when I see them flying through the air indicating another Arkansas penalty. And, I got to see it 12 times Saturday! Woo Pig Sooie!"

(Tennessee fans showered the Razorback fans with warmth and kindness)

Double K's notes to the game:

Felix Jones ended up with only 3 carries for 3 yards and a deep thigh bruise that kept him out the whole second half. By using my excellent math skillz, this is only 1 yard per carry which will lower his NCAA leading stats just a little bit.

Apparently, there was an anti-Houston Nutt banner flying around Neyland Stadium before the game that read: "Hogs Should Be 9-0! Thanks a Lot Nutt!"
There was also a marriage proposal banner flying as well. Here's to you Mr. Airplane Banner Marriage Proposal Guy!

The worst part of the game, in my opinion, was the two times color analyst Dave Rowe compared Darren McFadden to O.J. Simpson. Sorry, I think the Juice used to be some sort of college stud, but the whole knife and bloody glove thing has long erased that perception. Please, Dave Rowe, for the love of God don't ever say that again.

(If D-Mac murders his future wife someday, I will hold Dave Rowe personally responsible)

Rockytop, you'll always be
a pain in the ass to me
Damn you Rockytop
Rockytop, Tennessee

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