Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Arkansas - LSU Preview (Thanksgiving Edition)

Arkansas 7-4 (3-4) at LSU 10-1 (6-1)
1:30 pm kickoff in Baton Rouge
Coverage: CBS Line: LSU -12

Practice report from yesterday: Michael Grant, Malcolm Shepphard, Jerell Norton, and Felix Jones all practiced and are expected to play. Marcus Monk rested his knee and did not practice, but is expected to play as is Robert Johnson. Whether any of those players are 100% or not is another question. But, really, who is 100% at this time of year anyway.

Friday afternoon at...

It will most likely be Darren McFadden's final regular season game and what bigger stage than to be on national television against the #1 team in the nation the day after Thanksgiving. Realistically, this should be the last team with a shot at knocking LSU off before the national title game in January.
Does anyone (outside of Georgia or Tennessee) think that the Vols or the Dawgs going to be able to do it? Puh-lease.

This game has upset written all over it especially with Les Miles as the opposing coach.

Check out a portion of Les Miles press conference over at Uncle Rico's Time Machine as he talks about how he plays football at LSU and is preparing to play "our Kansas." Moron.

(Hey bud, it's not your Kansas or my Kansas, it's our Kansas.)

The Tiggers are 10-1 (their lone loss being to Kentucky) and 12 point favorites over the Hogs while averaging 39.5 points per game while giving up just 17 points on defense. The LSU defense is #1 in the SEC in all four major defensive categories, BUT they gave up over 450 yards total offense last week to friggin' Ole Miss. A chink in the armor, perhaps? I say yes (I always say yes, though). Ole Miss racked up big chunks of yardage when they went into a spread offense and the quarterback was running or throwing. That may not be good for Casey Dick, but can anyone say Wildhog? Of course, they've surely practiced on that formation all week, but still the Hogs can move the ball against LSU.

Their "Heisman candidate," Glen Dorsey did miss most of the second half last week, so here's hoping he misses a lot of the game on Friday as well, because he is a beast in the middle of that Tigger defensive line.

(You can expect to see the LSU Pimp Nation out pimpin' on Friday afternoon, but I fully expect the Arkansas hoes to rise up ala' Pat Benatar in the "Love Is a Battlefield" video and put those Tigger pimps in their place with some well timed and well called choreography.
Did I just compare the Razorbacks to a bunch of hoes? Of course not you silly bobos. Stictly sybolism.)

Tiger for me and Tiger for you, let's eat the Tiger in D-Mac's shoe...

Finally, with turkey day just about upon us, it gives me the oppurtunity to post one of my favorite holiday songs from huge Razorback fan and Frank Broyles admirer, Adam Sandler.

Thanksgiving Song Lyrics

How does Adam Sandler get to be such a Razorback fan, especially since he is Jewish and is not a lover of pork nor did he ever live in Arkansas or attend the University of Arkansas?

(Adam Sandler, comedic genius)

(Adam Sandler, comedic genius, transforms into Bobby Boucher Jr. - "The Waterboy")

(Former Arkansas Razorback football player, Jimmy Johnson appears briefly in "The Waterboy")

(And of course, Jimmy Johnson played football for the legend, Frank Broyles)

So, the simple math is...

Happy Turkey Day, folks. Eat big tomorrow, but save room for some Tiger for desert Friday afternoon.

Les Miles is seen boarding a University of Michigan private jet at halftime and the Hogs roll...
Final: Arkansas 55 LSU 9

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