Saturday, November 24, 2007

Hell Yeah!

50-48. Awesome. Awesome game. Awesome Heisman-worthy performance. I refuse to look at my thesaurus, so everything is awesome. No internet connection until today has really sucked so I'm happy to post this short post today.

I was playing Texas hold 'em at a casino just outside Norman, Oklahoma while trying to watch the end of the game at the same time. I pretty much mucked every hand for almost the entire second half and the three overtimes. I'm just glad I didn't lose too much money during that time due to lack of concentration. I will say that it wasn't too bad watching the game there because OU fans I think hate Les Miles as much or maybe more than your average SEC/Arkansas fan since they had to deal with the arrogant nuissance when he was at Oklahoma State. Almost everyone at my table was either anti-LSU or anti-Les Miles so it was almost like being with a bunch of Hog fans. And so when I lept out of my seat after the LSU failed two-point conversion that ended the game, there was a nice smattering of applause from all around.

(Les Miles' response to an assistant coach asking him how to stop Darren McFadden)

Since I'll be stuck in Norman another day, I'm going to return the favor today and cheer for OU to beat down O-State. Well, are we headed for a West Virginia - KU / MU / Ohio State national championship? If so, we're also headed for the worst ratings in the history of college football national championship game.

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