Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hogs Own Sunbelt, Mississippi, and Sylvester Croom (Almost)

"Bring on Southern Miss! We'll beat their ass next!" was overheard from a jubilant Arkansas Razorback lockerroom following the Razorbacks 45-31 electrocution of the Mississippi State Bulldogs. The Hogs are now 3-0 vs. the Sun Belt Conference and 2-0 vs. the state of Mississippi this season. LSU is the only other team in the SEC with a Mississippi sweep this season. God knew what he was doing when he put Mississippi below Arkansas.

Casey Dick threw for four touchdown passes and 199 yards. Darren McFadden only rushed for 88 yards, but he had a 57 yard touchdown reception and threw a 24 yard touchdown pass to Robert Johnson (pictured above). Former QB Robert Johnson caught two TD passes, Marcus Monk caught one, and Alex Tejada tied the school record for scoring for a kicker with 102 points (tying Kendall Trainor, 1988). Tejada only trails Bill Burnett, who scored 120 points in 1969.

(McFadden holds one of the little bats that he used to beat the Dogs with on Saturday.)

Rumors swirled throughout the game and into the press conference that this was Houston Nutt's last season as head coach of the Hogs. Nutt dismissed them as nothing more than "foolish rumors."

On the other hand, Sylvester Croom acknowledged that he hoped this would be his last year coaching Mississippi State:

"These Mississippi people are crazy racists! They are not sane racists, but they are crazy racists, and they don't like black people either. The athletic department was actively trying to trade me straight up for Houston Nutt during the game! That's where these rumors of Houston being done after this season were coming from. Personally, I wish Arkansas would fire Nutt and hire me and get me the hell out of Mississippi and into a state where there are no racists, just a bunch of pretty people instead."

Multiple sources inside the athletic department confirmed this to me. One, whom shall remain anonymous until I decide, said:
"We hate Croom. Just hate him. Hate his name. Hate his family. Hate his pets. Hate his families' families' pets. Hate his wardrobe. We're ready to move on right now. We'd have taken Houston Nutt in a heartbeat if Frank Broyles/Jeff Long wasn't being so stingy and insisting that we would have to pay Houston Nutt through 2012 if we hired him. Hell, we'd take Dickey Nutt or Danny Nutt or even Charlie Weiss over Croomy."

SEC Standings
Georgia 6-2 9-2
Tennessee 5-2 8-3
Florida 5-3 8-3
Kentucky 3-4 7-4
South Carolina 3-5 6-5
Vanderbilt 2-6 5-6

LSU 6-1 10-1
Auburn 4-3 7-4
Alabama 4-3 6-5
Arkansas 3-4 7-4
Mississippi State 3-4 6-5
Mississippi 0-7 3-8

Louisiana-Monroe? Seriously?

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