Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Hog Tale Interviews Sylvester Croom

It's Wednesday, and as we've done so successfully the past few weeks here at The Hog Tale, we've managed to get another high quality interview with the head coach of the opposing team. He's part coach, part ninja. He's Mississippi State's Sylvester Croom and he's in The Hog Tale.

The Hog Tale: Coach Croom, welcome to the Hog Tale.

THT: Well, you sound mighty confident after your win over Alabama on Saturday, a team the Razorbacks had beaten until the last few seconds of the game.

THT: You guys are bowl eligible for the first time since 1912 or somewhere along those lines. How will you keep your guys focused this weekend against the Hogs?

THT: Houston Nutt and the Hogs have typically been very tough to beat in Little Rock. Any special strategies or gameplans you think you may need to get a win at War Memorial Stadium on Saturday?

THT: So, would it be safe to say that you are confidently predicting a Mississippi State win right here in front of the millions of Hog Tale readers?

THT: Well, I don't appreciate the threat, but thank you for your time and the interview. If the Hog Tale mysteriously stops posting after Saturday, then I'm sure my family would appreciate any help anyone could give them in locating my body.

P.S. If Sylvester Croom's affinity for ninja-wear has you thinking that it may be time for some ninja lessons, then check this website out. You will be totally pumped by the time you finish reading it.

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The Fake Gimel said...

God Bless the Internet. Right now, people over 30 are watching these videos and are extremely confused. Well done!