Sunday, March 15, 2009

Your Round 1 First Week Winners

Well, half of the first round is complete, and your winners and matchups for week 3 are as follows:

Ozarks Region:

(1) Frank Broyles (easy winner over Jerry Van Dyke)
(8) Mike Huckabee (dispatches Bo Mattingly)

(12) Donna Bragg (texts down Houston Nutt. lol lsr.)
(4) Ronnie Brewer (easily over big Keith Jackson)

(3) Mark Martin (is faster than Veronica Campbell Brown)
(6) Tracy Lawrence (the vet over the younger Joe Nichols)

(7) Corliss Williamson (a win over John McDonnell in the toughest and maybe most unfair matchup)
(2) Bill Clinton (Slick Willie barely over Norm DeBriyn)

Delta Region

(1) Cliff Lee (nailed the NWA mascot in the head with high heat)
(8) Billy Bob Thornton (over Josh Lucas fairly handedly)

(5) Mike Conley Sr. (no problem with Chuck Barrett)
(4) Sidney Moncrief (easily over actress Joey Lauren Adams)

(3) Matt Jones (even in prison is still too tough for Rick Schaeffer)
(11) Tyson Gay (over award winning actress Mary Steenburgen)

(10) Gus Malzahn (takes down country star Ronnie Dunn)
(2) Jermain Taylor (by TKO over Mitch Mustain and mommy)

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