Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ole Freakin' Miss Tonight

The Razorbacks are set to play their final home regular season game tonight hosting Ole Miss at 7:05. It, of course, is senior night so the Razorbacks will say farewell to... hold on, let me think about this... gotta be someboday... nope, guess not. While a 2-12 SEC record is nothing to get excited about, the fact that there are no seniors on this team contribute to the ray of hope that many Razorback hoop fans are holding onto these days.

Once again, I will go out on a limb and say that Jason Henry will end up being the best of the freshmen class that includes Rotnei Clarke and Courtney Fortson. Pelphrey and company are about one or two players away from being a SEC championship contending team next season.

Pelphrey's pre-game interview can be found here. It includes this tidbit as to why he chose to bring Stefan Welsh off the bench against Georgia:

“I didn’t (bring him off the bench) because of a slump. I thought the reason he played well was because he looked on edge, alert and full of energy, and he looked like a reader of defense. He looked like everything was on the money.”

The game tonight is at 7:05 and there is no television, so either show up, tune in on the radio, or play the game out in your mind over a 2 1/2 hour stretch. That is probably what I'll do. If I fast-forward to the end, I'm looking at a winning streak of two in a row as the Hogs take care of business tonight winning by 20.

We could at least thank this "senior" for his contributions earlier in the season...

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