Friday, March 27, 2009

Billy Ball Done at Kentucky; Will Pel Be in the Mix?

In case you haven't heard, smooth Billy Gillispie is out at Kentucky after only two years, and the Cats will be on the hunt for a new head coach. (Gasp)

Does our very own Kentucky born and bred John Pelphrey get included in the mix of names that are sure to surface over the coming days? You can bet your Hog snout that he will be asked by the media as will Chancellor White in the days to come.

It will be interesting to say the least who Kentucky targets after this disaster. Gillispie never seemed to quite fit and his teams never seemed to perform up to their talent level on a consistent basis, but I for one was surprised by his firing today. After all, it has only been two years, but apparently there was some behind the scenes stuff that may have played into this whole saga as well. The fellows over at A Sea of Blue have more details on the situation.

All I have to say, is stay the hell out of Arkansas and away from John Pelphrey. Sure Pel had his struggles this year, but I like the upside more than I'm disappointed in this year's results. If nothing else, this season's sub .500 finish knocked Pelphrey down a notch or two in the "up and coming" young coaches' circle which definitely works to our benefit.

So, UK, go get Travis Ford, or Sean Miller, or Jeff Capel, or Mike Anderson, or Jamie Dixon, or a cut-out of Adolph Rupp. The main thing is that I don't care who UK gets this time. Just stay away from Pel.

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