Friday, March 6, 2009


As promised, here is the bracket to The Hog Tale's 1st Annual Arkansas Celebrity (and I use the word "celebrity" loosely) Tournament.

64 of the best, brightest, and baddest Arkansans to ever be born, live, play, or make some sort of mark on the state in the political or entertainment world (that are still living) are set and ready to battle it out.

Sure, I'm going to get emails and comments that say "You forgot (fill in the blank) you idiot! How could you forget (fill in the blank) jackass!" I also didn't put too much thought (a little, but not too much) into the seeding, so if you want to send me "why is so and so a 5 seed and so and so is a 12 seed?" feel free to do so. Just know that I probably won't try to defend the seeding, or the fact that it may be slightly Northwest Arkansas slanted, because it is what it is. I can live with it, and surely you can.

The voting will run every Monday - Sunday with two different ways to vote:
1. in the right column, you can vote in the polls that will be up beginning March 9th, or
2. you may email your votes into

1st round matchups will take place March 9th-15th and March 16th-22nd

2nd round matchups: March 23rd-March 29th

3rd round matchups: March 30th-April 5th

4th round matchups: April 6th-April 12th

Final Four matchups: April 13th-April 19th

Championship Matchup: April 20th-April 26th

And just fyi, like they do on all these prediction shows:

The last four in:

Frank Bonner, actor
Mitch Mustain and mom Beck Campbell, USC QB and mom
Dick Trammel, local celebrity and staple of charity functions
Al Green, R&B & Gospel singer

The last four out:

Kimberly Foster, actress
Lee Mayberry, former Razorback basketball star
Maya Angelou, author
Glen Campbell, country singer

The Ozarks Region (Fayetteville), March 9-15

1 Frank Broyles, former coach and UofA athletic director
16 Jerry Van Dyke, actor

8 Mike Huckabee, former Republican presidential candidate
9 Bo Mattingly, sports radio and tv personality

5 Houston Nutt, former Razorback football coach
12 Donna Bragg, tv personality

4 Ronnie Brewer, professional basketball player
13 Keith Jackson, former football player

3 Mark Martin, NASCAR driver
14 Veronica Campbell-Brown, track star

6 Tracy Lawrence, country singer
11 Joe Nichols, country singer

7 Corliss Williamson, former basketball player
10 John McDonnell, former UofA track coach

2 Bill Clinton, former President of the U.S.
15 Norm DeBriyn, former Razorback baseball coach

The Delta Region (Jonesboro), March 9-15

1 Cliff Lee, baseball pitcher
16 "Strike", NWA Naturals Mascot

8 Billy Bob Thornton, actor
9 Josh Lucas, actor

5 Mike Conley Sr., former track star
12 Chuck Barrett, voice of the Razorbacks

4 Sidney Moncrief, former basketball player
13 Joey Lauren Adams, actress

3 Matt Jones, football player
14 Rick Schaeffer, walking Razorback encyclopedia

6 Mary Steenburgen, actress
11 Tyson Gay, track star

7 Ronnie Dunn, country singer
10 Gus Malzahn, asst. football coach at Auburn

2 Jermain Taylor, boxer
15 Mitch Mustain & Beck Campbell, USC QB and mom

The Ouachitas Region (Hot Springs), March 16-22

1 Darren McFadden, football player
16 Ralphie May, comedian

8 Jim Bob Duggar family, former state legislator and current reality star
9 Scottie Pippen, former basketball player

5 Tom Pagnozzi, former baseball player
12 Aaron Peters, tv sports personality

4 Todd Day, former basketball player
13 Dan Skoff, tv meterologist

3 John Pelphrey, Razorback basketball coach
14 Collin Raye, country singer

6 Barry Switzer, former coach
11 A.J. Burnett, NY Yankees pitcher

7 "Gauge", pornstar
10 "LaChelle Marie", pornstar

2 John Daly, golfer
15 Tommy Tuberville, former Auburn football coach

The Timberlands Region (Pine Bluff), March 16-22

1 Bobby Petrino, Razorback football coach
16 Dick Trammel, local celebrity and fund raiser extraordinnaire

8 Neile Jones, tv personality
9 Joan Early, tv personality

5 Lou Brock, former baseball player
12 Dave Van Horn, Razorback baseball coach

4 Hilary Clinton, former 1st lady and current Secretary of State
13 Wally Hall, sportswriter

3 Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner
14 Frank Bonner, actor

6 Felix Jones, football player
11 Dana Sargent, tv personality

7 John Grisham, author
10 Brooks Robinson, former baseball player

2 Nolan Richardson, former basketball coach
15 Al Green, R&B and Gospel singer

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